TD Credit Cards for Students in Canada

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TD Cash Back Visa* Card

Earn Cash Back Dollars. Redeem them to help pay down your Account balance3.

$0 Annual Fee

19.99% Interest: Purchases

22.99% Interest: Cash Advances

Build credit history

Get a head start on the right financial path and build strong credit history before you graduate

Earn the rewards you want

Whether you want to earn rewards points, or cash back dollars or save on interest rate, we have a card for you

Shop with confidence

Knowing your eligible purchases are covered with Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Protection
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How to choose the best TD Credit Card if you're a student

Each TD Credit Card comes with its own set of features that may benefit you. Find the right student card that fits your needs

  • If you’d like to earn rewards points, which you can redeem for merchandise, gift cards or travel, an everyday rewards card or travel visa is a great option.
  • If you prefer a cash back rebate on your credit card account, choose a card that can help you use the cash back dollars earned on your purchases to pay down your account balance or deposit them directly into your account
  • If you carry a balance but want the flexibility of lower annual interest rates, choose a card with a preferred low variable annual interest rate

You can also compare welcome bonuses, annual fees, and redemption options while making the best choice to suite your needs.

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