International Students in Canada

Are you an international student living in Canada?

We know your education is your top priority. Get help with everything from opening a student bank account to budgeting. So, you can feel confident about your finances and focus on what’s important to you.

Living in Canada as an International Student

Before moving to Canada, you'll need to know where you'll be living once you arrive. Choosing where to live will be dependent on where your school is located and whether you choose to live on or off campus. So how can you decide what's right for you? Compare the cost of living on campus versus off campus (e.g., housing costs, food costs, etc.) and which offers more job opportunities for you, if needed. Although there are benefits to both options, consider what makes most sense for your financial situation.

Cost of Living for International Students

Here are some things to think about when trying to manage your expenses as an international student in Canada.

  1. Tuition fees – money that is paid to your college or university to attend classes

  2. Student fees – these could include student union or administration fees, they vary from school to school

  3. Health insurance – health insurance coverage can be part of student fees. This refers to medical or dental costs not covered by provincial health insurance

  4. Books/Course materials – this cost will vary depending on the course and school you attend

  1. Accommodation – there are different options like living on or off campus, with roommate or alone, that will determine the cost of your accommodation

  2. Living Expenses – this includes things like your groceries, bus fare and bills for internet and telephone

  3. Entertainment – how much  you spend on things like video games, movies, restaurants and bars or clubs

International Student GIC Program

International students looking to meet the Government of Canada’s Student Direct Stream Program (the “SDS Program") guidelines can do so by opening a TD Student Chequing Account and by prefunding their required Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) before arriving in Canada.

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