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Financial Education

TD is a long-standing supporter of financial education, and in recent years we have amplified our efforts to help people from all walks of life improve their money skills.


TD Helps is an online Q&A forum that encourages both customers and non-customers to ask questions about financial topics such as saving and managing money, home ownership, and borrowing and managing credit. People receive answers from TD experts and community members (such as real estate agents, lawyers, etc.). Unlike other sites that simply offer FAQs, TD Helps provides personalized responses that are posted within hours.



  • FinanciallyFit website: We launched the FinanciallyFit web site to highlight that money confidence starts with money conversations. The site provides videos, articles, checklists and tips to help customers talk to their families about money management.
  • Financial Literacy Month: For Financial Literacy Month in November, we ran a #FinanciallyFit campaign throughout our branches to promote financial literacy and draw attention to TD’s financial education resources. Branches were provided with FinanciallyFit starter kits to use with customers, and we gave away 85,000 Money Fun Activity books for children ages 7-12. We used highly targeted, engaging digital marketing, and both traditional and social media to extend our reach.
  • Savings calculators: To promote saving and raise awareness of how small savings add up over time, TD gave out more than 100,000 personal savings calculators.


  • TD Bank Learning Center: The TD Bank Learning Center delivers online, interactive financial education content in English and Spanish. In our stores, employees use tablets to take customers to the Learning Center, combining just-in-time financial education with personal financial advice. We launched the service with non-profit partners, including the Centro Campesino Farmworker Center, Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation and YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School.
  • Tax Resource Center: Our new Tax Resource Center provides a one-stop experience for our U.S. customers to gather resources and information on tax filing. Located at, the center provides educational content including an interactive guide, videos, calculators and tips, along with important dates plus reminders for customers regarding TD Bank tax documents.
  • National Financial Literacy Month: During National Financial Literacy Month in April, we increase efforts to speak about financial wellness, using videos, articles and worksheets for customers and financial well-being assessments for our own employees.
  • Employee financial education: Newly hired tellers now receive financial education on budgeting and credit as part of their required training. Each month, employees can engage in a new financial topic - from retirement planning to managing joint finances with their significant other.