TD Common Ground Project

For Canada's 150th birthday, we are celebrating
green spaces that bring Canadians and communities together.

Our goal is to be an environmental leader. We seek to improve environmental quality and make a positive contribution to the economy by embedding an environmental perspective in our business strategy.

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Fostering Relationships

We work with key conservation groups to help protect critical North American forests.
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Working with the community

Through TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, TD and the community work together to foster environmental stewardship and help green communities across Canada.
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Get Involved

TD’s flagship urban greening program, TD Tree Days, invites our employees, their families and friends, and our community partners to plant trees in hundreds of communities across Canada and in the U.S., the U.K. and Luxembourg.
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Green banking choices

Green Leaf?

The green leaf represents products, services and business-related initiatives that contribute to our environmental goals and commitment.

Online and Mobile Banking?

Our Canadian customers hold more than 3.2 million online statement accounts.

Green ATMs

We offset 100% of the emissions from the electricity we use in our ATM network with clean, renewable energy.

SEED Branches?

Our SEED (sustainably energy-efficient design) branch in Mississauga, Ontario is designed to be 45% more energy-efficient than a traditional branch of its size.

Green Leaf

The green leaf represents products, services and business-related initiatives that contribute to our environmental goals and commitment.

Online and Mobile Banking?

Our U.S. customers hold more than 2.8 million online statement accounts.

Energy-wise ATMs

By January 1, 2015, TD was operating nearly 2,000 renewable energy powered Green Machine ATMs.

Net-Zero Store?

Our Fort Lauderdale, Florida store is designed to be net-zero energy.

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TD Friends of the Environment

A national charity committed to protecting the environment and greening communities across Canada.


Green Tips


Transportation tip:

Combining errands to reduce driving time not only saves you time; it can also cut down on CO2 emissions.


Transportation tip:

Did you know that your vehicle’s tire pressure drops when the temperature does, leading to lower fuel efficiency? Keeping your tires inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s specs is an easy way to reduce the amount of fuel you burn.


At work tip:

If you default your computer to print double sided, you can help reduce energy use, as well as the amount of money you spend on paper.


At work tip:

Turn your monitor off every night.


At work tip:

Use your own refillable coffee cup when you visit a coffee shop or at work.


In the community tip:

You can help green your community through TD Tree Days. And, you can help environmental projects come to life in your community by donating to TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.


In the community tip:

Remember to wash and squash your recyclables. This keeps them clean and allows more room for materials.


In the community tip:

Don’t forget to use your green bins to dispose of food scraps and other organic waste.


In the community tip:

Switch to LED bulbs in your lamps and other lighting fixtures. They are more energy-efficient than regular bulbs and can last longer.


At home tip:

Cut down on your energy bill by using your washer, dryer and dishwasher during off-peak electricity hours.


At home tip:

Purchase LED light bulbs for your home – they last up to 25 years and use 75% less energy. (Source: Renewable Energy (CIER) interpretive Centre).


At home tip:

Covering windows with blinds and curtains can reduce your winter heating bills.


At home tip:

Using a programmable thermostat that automatically lowers your heating by five degrees for eight hours overnight can reduce your energy use and heating bill.

Corporate Responsibility Report

TD is a North American environmental leader. Check out our Corporate Responsibility Report to find out what we're doing to reduce our environmental impact.
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TD Friends of the Environment
Foundation 2016 Year in Review

In 2016, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) supported more than 1,100 local environmental projects across Canada. Read the Year in Review to find out how TD FEF and its donors helped green where you live.
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TD Economics report – Valuing the World Around Us: An Introduction to Natural Capital

This report sets out a framework and methodology for putting a value on the environmental benefits provided by natural resources and ecosystems.
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TD Economics report – The Value
of Urban Forests in Cities
Across Canada

Urban forests in Toronto, Halifax, Montreal and Vancouver have been collectively valued at an astonishing $58 billion. TD Economics' special report talks about the economic value of the environmental benefits of these urban forests.
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