Personal Investing

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated.
Whether your goals are short-term or long-term, our Advisors can provide you with the support and guidance to help you understand your options, find investments suitable for you, and plan for your future with confidence.

Learn about investing

Build your investing knowledge and improve your financial confidence with helpful investing information, tips and tools.

Explore registered plans and investing products

Our investment products and registered plans can help you achieve your short, medium and long-term financial goals.

Whatever your financial goals, we can help you get there

We have the knowledge and experience to help you start investing with confidence and our easy-to-use digital tools and resources are available to help guide you along your financial journey.

  • Personalized investing advice tailored to your needs
    Our Advisors will conduct a goals-based review and will help you find the investments suitable for you.
  • Invest in TD Mutual Funds with confidence
    Access to the same mutual fund portfolio management experience as institutional investors, who choose TD Asset Management Inc., Canada's Largest Money Manager in pension assets 10 years running1.

Find a Registered Plan

Registered plans offer tax advantages to help you save and invest. View our TFSA, RRSP, RESP, RRIF, and RDSP options to see if a registered plan is right for you.

Select your Investing Products

Discover how our GICs and Mutual Funds could benefit you.

Our range of TD GICs and TD Mutual Funds are available to help you achieve your investing goals.

Buy Precious Metals

Explore available precious metals.

Precious metals, like bullion or coin, can be a great option if you want a tangible investment you can see and handle.

Tools and Calculators

Compound Interest Calculator

Find out how your investments could grow over time using the power of compound interest.

TFSA Calculator

See how investing in a TFSA can help grow your money, tax-free, compared to a non-registered account.

Retirement Calculator

Find out how much you'll need to save to retire the way you want.

Articles and tips to get you started

  • Saving vs. Investing

    Should you save or invest your money, or is there even a difference? Understand how saving and investing can help you reach your financial goals.

  • Investing 101: Investing Basics

    Learn about the basics of investing and find out why growing your money matters.

  • Make investing part of your every day

    Pre-authorized Purchase Plans allow you to automatically invest in TD Mutual Funds, and can be set up in person, over the phone or online.

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