Discover your TD Business Travel Visa* Card

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Your new TD Business Travel Visa* Card

Quick steps for getting started and making the most of your card

  1. Learn more about the features and benefits of your TD Business Travel Visa* Card by calling 1-800-983-8472 to speak with a Business Credit Card specialist.

  2. Visit My TD Rewards in the TD app or EasyWeb® Online banking to manage your TD Rewards Points and discover loyalty perks.

  3. Update your business Card as the primary Card on your favorite mobile apps like auto-reloads and transportation to make everyday business purchases more convenient1.

  4. Learn how to add your business Card to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, to make convenient, everyday business payments with just a tap of your device.

  5. Set up regularly recurring bill payments on your TD Business Travel Visa* Account with participating merchants so bills are paid automatically on their due dates. You'll save time and avoid late fees.

  6. Register for online statements on EasyWeb® Online banking to save time and stay organized.

  7. Learn more about the TD app to access your Business Credit Card Account almost anywhere. Plus, you can bank at home or on the go.

Help and assistance

  1. If your TD Credit Card is damaged or not working, you can request a replacement Card online through EasyWeb, through the TD app using your mobile device or by phone at 1-800-983-8472 .

  2. If your TD Credit Card has been lost or stolen, you must immediately report this to us by phone at 1-800-983-8472 .

  3. Fast, reliable access to cash. You can ask for an emergency Cash Advance of up to $5,000 in emergency funds (subject to your available credit limit), at over one million ATMs worldwide, at all TD branches and at select financial institutions around the world.

  4. Getting information when you need it. The TD Credit Card Contact Centre can help you with important information, such as the location of the nearest Visa member office for Cash Advances or contact numbers for embassies and consulates.
  5. Stay connected to important people. In the event of an emergency, messages can be forwarded to family members at home.

Ways to Pay

If you need to pay for a business expense that can’t be charged to a credit card, use TD Visa* Cheques2 anywhere cheques are accepted and the amount of your business expense will be processed directly to your TD Business Travel Visa* Card Account as a Cash Advance.

To learn more, call 1-800-983-8472

Contactless payments are a secure way to pay for small-dollar purchases at participating retailers. It’s faster and more convenient than cash – and your Card never leaves your hand.

These Digital Wallets are accepted in a growing number of shops, restaurants, and other retailers, making it convenient and easy to use for your everyday purchases for your business.

Online buying is evolving so you can pay with fewer clicks. Paying online with your TD Visa card is easy, smart, and secure. Just click to pay with your TD Visa when you see the Click to Pay  icon where Visa is accepted.

The EMV® SRC payment icon, consisting of a pentagon design oriented on its side with a stylized depiction of a fast forward symbol on the right, formed by a continuous line, is a trademark owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.

Manage your Account, your way

Stay on top of your Business Credit Card spending with the new TD Card Management Tool.

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. That’s why when you get a TD Business Credit Card, you also get exclusive access to the TD Card Management Tool — designed to save you time and make your day-to-day easier.

You can access and organize the information you need to help you make informed decisions about what matters most.

By separating your business and personal expenses, you can get a clear, real-time view of your spending behaviour and balances, all in one easy-to-use online tool. Plus, you can create custom reports, track your employees’ spending, adjust your credit limits and apply spend controls with the click of a button.

It’s just business, not personal

When you get a business credit card with TD, you get access to the TD Card Management Tool.

This easy-to-use tool lets you:

  • Redistribute your business’s available credit between Cardholders any time
  • Easily set restrictions on spend type, geography and thresholds of your Card
  • Have the ability to temporarily turn a Card on and off
  • View a dashboard of your key business expenses
  • Track your and your employees’ spending
  • Create numerous customizable reports with up to 18 months of business transaction data
  • Search your spending by date, amount or vendor
  • Access your balances and payment history, and more

Take control

  • Flexibility

    Move your credit limits between your Cards any time.

  • Self-serve

    Easy-to-use features put your finances in your hands – anytime, anywhere.

  • Faster and easier

    Simplified expense management means more time to focus on growing your business.

  • Paperless

    All your reports are conveniently organized in one place online.

Separate your business from personal spending

Don’t mix business with pleasure is a common saying, but not everyone follows that advice when it comes to their credit cards. By keeping your business expenses and personal spending separate, you can take advantage of the TD Card Management Tool.

  1. Track Employees’ Usage: Ever wonder who’s spending what and where? Now you can organize spending reports by Cardholder or supplier category, so you always know how your funds are being spent.
  2. Watch Your Spending: The TD Card Management Tool’s dashboard makes it easy to view your expenses at a glance or take an in-depth look through category and individual Cardholder spend views.

  3. Get the Added Confidence of Spend Control: As a business owner, the TD Card Management Tool makes it easy to stay in control while employees are spending on behalf of your business. With Spend Controls, you can temporarily block Cards as well as set limits on employee transactions, from the dollar amount to the geographic location to the type of transaction that’s permitted.

  4. Redistribute Credit Limits: It’s never been so easy to reallocate your credit limits. Redistribute your available credit between Cardholders to meet your specific business needs with the simple click of a button.

  5. Customize Reporting Periods: You can gain new insights about your business by setting reporting periods between any dates you choose — not just your billing cycle.

  6. View Balance & Payment History: Delve into an archive of your balances, payments and reports to monitor changes in spending behaviour over time.

Your TD Rewards Points

With your TD Business Travel Visa* Card, you earn3 TD Rewards Points with every eligible business Purchase and redeem them how and when you want

  • Earn 9 TD Rewards Points for every $1 when you book travel online through using your Card4.
  • Earn 6 TD Rewards Points for every $1 in foreign currency purchases5, restaurant purchases6 and regularly recurring bill payments7.
  • Earn 2 TD Rewards Points for every $1 you spend on all other eligible purchases8.
  • Enjoy, your exclusive travel booking site with special offers designed just for you. With, you can be confident that you’ll earn the most rewards points and get the best point redemption value.
  • No travel blackouts9, no seat restrictions9 and no expiry for your TD Rewards Points.
  • Turn your everyday business purchases into TD Rewards Points that you can also redeem for retail business merchandise, gift cards and more.
  • Your TD Rewards Points never expire as long as you are a Cardholder.
  • 50% more TD Rewards Points at Starbucks when you link your Card with your Starbucks® Rewards account. Conditions apply. Visit to learn more.

This chart is for illustrative purposes only. Welcome Bonus applies only in the first year.

†† Total TD Rewards Points and corresponding dollar value equivalent assumes no redemption of TD Rewards Points towards any travel purchases made during the year. Maximum dollar value of TD Rewards Points shown, only applies to TD Rewards Points redeemed for travel purchases charged to your Card and booked through Expedia For TD.

††† TD Rewards Points must be redeemed in minimum 200-point increments for travel purchases charged to your Card that are booked online or by phone through Expedia For TD. For travel purchases charged to your Card that are not booked through Expedia For TD, TD Rewards Points must be redeemed in minimum increments of 200 or 250 TD Rewards Points.

Earn more with regularly recurring bill payments

Set up Pre-Authorized Payments on your account for business expenses, like utilities or phone bills. You'll earn TD Rewards Points and your bills will be paid automatically on their due dates.

Your redemption options

The TD Rewards Program provides you with the flexibility to redeem your TD Rewards Points on what you want - business travel purchases, retail merchandise, gift cards and so much more. Discover the possibilities at

Travel where you want

  • Expedia For TD10
    Redeem11 your TD Rewards Points through, available exclusively to TD Credit Cardholders who earn travel rewards. Book business travel while earning TD Rewards Points fast or redeem your TD Rewards Points for any Expedia For TD purchase you make with your card, including taxes & fees. You can search over a million flights, hotels, packages and more!
  • Book Any Way Travel Purchases11
    You can also book your business trip through other travel agencies or websites to take advantage of any discounts and last-minute deals they offer. Whether you want to take clients for a round of golf or park at the airport, you have the flexibility to use your TD Rewards Points towards all kinds of travel expenses – including taxes — within 90 days of this type of travel purchase!

Shop for your business using your rewards

  • Merchandise and Gift cards
    Redeem your TD Rewards Points for great deals on a wide selection of merchandise and gift cards.
  • Shop with Points
    Redeem your TD Rewards Points towards making business purchases at to get what you want, when you want, quickly and easily. Conditions apply12Learn more about how you can redeem your points for all or just part of your purchase.

Financial Rewards

  • Pay with Rewards
    Redeem your TD Rewards Points for a cash credit to help pay down your TD Business Travel Visa* Card Account.
  • Redeem for Education
    TD Rewards Points can be redeemed for education credits from HigherEdPoints to help cover tuition and other higher education costs at over 100 participating institutions for yourself, an employee, a relative or a friend.


Register at to:

  • See how many TD Rewards Points you’ve earned on each purchase
  • Stay on top of great deals by signing up for special offer emails
  • View and redeem TD Rewards Points through EasyWeb or the TD app

Your TD Business Travel Visa* Card comes with travel perks

Travel Medical Insurance13

You have coverage for eligible medical emergencies without even having to charge the trip to your business Card! To help you with the consequences of eligible unforeseen events, your TD Business Travel Visa* Card includes Travel Medical Insurance, which provides:

  • Up to $2 Million of comprehensive emergency medical coverage for when you are travelling outside of your province or territory, whether within Canada or internationally.
  • No out-of-pocket costs for eligible emergency medical expenses, when possible.
  • 24/7 emergency medical assistance.
  • Coverage for the first 15 days of your trip. If you or your spouse is aged 65 or older, you have coverage for the first 4 days of your trip. For longer trips, top-up coverage is available for purchase by calling 1-800-293-4941.

Enjoy a suite of insurance benefits with your Card

  • Flight/Trip Delay Insurance14
    If your flight/trip is delayed for longer than four hours, each insured person could receive up to $500 for reasonable and eligible hotel, motel and restaurant expenses when you charge the full cost of your flight on your business Card and/or TD Rewards Points.
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance/Trip Interruption Insurance15
    Help protect yourself from cancellations and recover eligible trip expenses. With Trip Cancellation, receive up to $1,500 of coverage for each insured person, up to a maximum of $5,000 for all insured persons. Your time is valuable. When facing a trip interruption, you can receive up to $5,000 of coverage per insured person, with a maximum of $25,000 for all insured persons on the same covered trip.
  • Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance16
    Up to $500,000 of coverage for covered losses while travelling on a common carrier (for example, a bus, ferry, plane or train).
  • Delayed and Lost Baggage Insurance17
    If your baggage is delayed for longer than six hours, each insured person is eligible for emergency purchases of essentials, such as clothing and toiletries. Coverage may also be provided if your baggage is lost by a Common Carrier. Charge the full cost of the tickets with your business Card and/or TD Rewards Points, so each insured person may be eligible for coverage up to an overall maximum of $1,000 per trip.
  • Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance18
    Use your business Card and/or TD Rewards Points to pay for the full cost of an eligible car rental and get the Collision Damage Waiver ("CDW") coverage at no additional cost for up to 48 consecutive days. Please note, some rental agencies may require you to buy the CDW coverage from them. It's important to contact the rental agency before reserving a car to verify their policies.

Emergency Travel Assistance Services19

Help is just a call away. Get toll-free access to help, should you have a personal emergency while travelling. Emergency Travel Assistance Services can help you with:

  • Translation services in the event of an emergency situation
  • Lost document and ticket replacement
  • Emergency Cash Transfer in the event of a theft, loss or emergency. Our Administrator can assist you with obtaining a Cash Advance which will be charged to your Account

In Canada and U.S. call 1-800-871-8334. In other countries call collect 416-977-8297.

Save with Avis Rent a Car and Budget Rent a Car

Save a minimum of 10% on the lowest available base rates20,21 in Canada and U.S., and a minimum of 5% on the lowest available base rates20,21 internationally, on qualifying car rentals at participating Avis and Budget locations.

  • Avis: You can reserve your Avis car rental by visiting Quote Avis Worldwide Discount ("AWD") #C078400 at time of reservation and charge the full rental to your TD Business Travel Visa* Card.
  • Budget: You can reserve your Budget car rental by visiting Quote Budget Customer Discount ("BCD") #A331700 at time of reservation and charge the full rental to your TD Business Travel Visa* Card.

Dedicated Business Solutions

Expertise you can trust, technical support you can count on and solutions that adapt to your changing needs. Our dedicated advisors will take the time to understand your growing business and provide knowledgeable advice and solutions that are right for you.

Enjoy discounts with the Visa SavingsEdge* Program

Enroll your TD Business Travel Visa* Card in the Visa SavingsEdge* Program22 at no cost and enjoy discounts of up to 25% on qualifying business purchases, including business travel and entertainment, computers and electronics, business services and more. Your savings are automatically applied to your Account and appear as credits on your future statements.

Add Additional Cards

Need more Cards for your business? Easily apply for and manage additional Cards23 for your employees.

Optional Business TD Auto Club Membership

With optional Business TD Auto Club Membership24, know that in the event of a road emergency, help is just a phone call away.

Balance Transfer

Consider consolidating any higher-rate non-TD credit card balances you may have to your TD Business Travel Visa* Card Account through a Balance Transfer25. By transferring your balances you can more easily keep track of your expenses with one monthly payment. Talk to us about the convenience and potential interest savings of consolidating your balances to your TD Business Travel Visa* Account.

For more information, visit us at your nearest TD Canada Trust branch or call 1-800-983-8472

Explore your TD Business Travel Visa* Card's security and protection

Protecting the security of your Card should always be a priority. That’s why your TD Business Travel Visa* Card comes with features that help protect you when you shop online and in person.

Security features

  1. Shop online and in person securely with Visa Zero Liability and be protected in the event that unauthorized transactions are made on your Card. See your Cardholder Agreement for complete information on unauthorized transactions and your responsibilities, including your responsibility to protect your ("PIN").

  2. Shop with confidence with chip & PIN technology. Chip and PIN technology provides an added level of security through the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

  3. Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Protection26. You automatically have access to Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Protection, covering most eligible new items you’ve purchased with your Card, should they be stolen or damaged within 90 days of purchase. If the item comes with a manufacturer's warranty valid in Canada, you may be entitled to double the warranty period for up to 12 additional months.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) Security Tips

  • Choose a PIN you can remember that's difficult to guess. Don't use a phone number or a birthday.
  • Never write down your PIN.
  • Protect your PIN and use your hand or body to shield the keypad when you enter your PIN.
  • Never let anyone else know or use your PIN or use your business Card.
  • Make transactions only when and where you feel secure. If in doubt, don’t use your Card.

Reset your PIN easily and conveniently at a TD Canada Trust Branch or 24/7 at any TD Green Machine (ATM).

24 hour Fraud Protection

Our enhanced protection measures help protect you from Credit Card fraud. Should we detect unusual activity relating to your Account:

  1. You may receive a phone call from a TD Credit Card Customer Service Representative asking you to confirm that you or an Additional User, performed a transaction on your TD Business Travel Visa* Card or Account.

  2. During a transaction, a merchant may receive an electronic message requesting that they contact the TD Credit Card Contact Centre and allow you to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

  3. Your Card may be temporarily blocked until we can contact you for verification.

  4. You can now automatically receive TD Fraud Alerts to your mobile phone any time we suspect unusual activity on your TD Business Travel Visa* Card or on any Additional Card on your Account. Learn more.

More about your TD Business Travel Visa* Card

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