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How to use TD Samsung Pay

Add your TD Access Card2 or eligible TD Visa Credit Card to Samsung Pay for contactless payments with your Samsung Galaxy device3.

Secure and easy checkouts with Samsung Pay

  • Fast

    With your Samsung Galaxy device in hand, there's no need to pull out a wallet and sift through cash or cards.

  • Secure

    Feel secure with Samsung Pay knowing your full card details are never stored on your device or shared when you pay with Samsung Pay.

  • Contactless Payments

    Checking out with just a tap of your Samsung Galaxy device (subject to card limits1), means not having to swipe or insert a card anymore.

How to set up Samsung Pay

Setting up Samsung Pay on your Galaxy device and adding your eligible TD Card(s) is simple and straightforward.

  • Samsung Galaxy phone3

    • Open the Samsung Pay app on your Galaxy device and register or sign in to your Samsung account.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to add your eligible TD Card(s).
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch3

    • On your Galaxy Watch, go to Samsung Pay and follow the instructions to set up your Samsung Pay PIN.
    • Follow the instructions on your Samsung Galaxy phone to add your eligible TD Card(s) to your Samsung Galaxy Watch. (TD Access Cards cannot be added to Galaxy Watches).

How to make purchases with Samsung Pay

  • 1

    Open Samsung Pay

    Simply open Samsung Pay or swipe up at the bottom of your Galaxy device and select the TD card you want to pay with. Verify with your fingerprint, face recognition or PIN.

  • 2

    Hold device to sales terminal and complete payment

    Tap or hold your phone over the merchant’s card reader for a few seconds and your payment will be confirmed on the terminal.

If you have Samsung Pay on your Galaxy Watch, just hold down the back button to open Samsung Pay and scan your watch on the merchant’s card reader.

Where can I use Samsung Pay for contactless payments?

Samsung Pay is already widely accepted by shops, restaurants and other retailers, and its availability is continuously growing. Use Samsung Pay wherever contactless payments are accepted.

Keep in mind that some merchants with these symbols on their card readers may still not be set up to accept contactless payments yet, including Samsung Pay.

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