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Cash Back Credit Cards

With a TD Cash Back Credit Card, you earn Cash Back Dollars on all your purchases. You can redeem these Cash Back Dollars against your account balance or however you want and any time you want (minimum $25). Your Cash Back Dollars never expire as long as your account is open and in good standing.

Find the best TD Credit Cards for Cash Back in Canada 

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Earn up to $500 in valueCBI-ROC-ARR, including 10% in Cash Back Dollars in the first 3 months on Bonus Eligible Purchases up to a total spend of $3,5002. Conditions apply. Account must be approved by January 6, 2025.


Annual Fee


Interest: Purchases


Interest: Cash Advances

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Earn Cash Back Dollars. Redeem them to help pay down your Account balancea1.


Annual Fee


Interest: Purchases


Interest: Cash Advances

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Invest back into your business with Cash Back Dollars.

$0 Annual Fee


Interest: Purchases


Interest: Cash Advances

Earn Cash Back with every Purchase

TD Cash Back Credit Cards allow you to earn Cash Back Dollars on everyday purchases.

  • Earn more Cash Back Dollars on grocery and gas Purchases, and on regularly recurring bill payments.

  • Redeem2 your Cash Back Dollars annually or at any time (min. $25) – the choice is yours!

  • Shop securely. Your TD Cash Back Credit Card comes equipped with security features.

  • Discover the insurance coverages included with each TD Cash Back Credit Card.

How to choose the best Cash Back credit card for you

Our Cash Back Credit cards offer different features and benefits to fit your lifestyle and financial habits, like:

  1. Your payment preferences: Do you want to pay an annual fee, do you often run a balance, and what interest rate are you looking for?
  2. Your financial situation: What card do you qualify for based on your income?
  3. Your spending habits: Where and when do you usually use your credit card, i.e. gas or grocery shopping?
  4. Other added features: Some cards come with added features that bring you additional savings besides Cash Back Dollars.

The benefits of a TD Cash Back Credit Card

Cash-back cards offer you the flexibility to use the money earned in Cash Back Dollars. Here are some points you should keep in mind when choosing a TD cash back credit card:

  • Accelerated Rate on Special Categories: TD Cash Back credit cards offer a higher earn rate on categories such as grocery purchases, gas purchases, and regularly recurring bill payments. When you spend on these categories, you can earn 1%5, 6 or 3%78 depending on the card you choose.
  • Fee vs No-Fee Credit Cards: Not all TD cash back credit cards offer the same features and benefits, so it's important to evaluate the annual fee, earn rate and other benefits before you choose.
  • Bonuses: You get a welcome bonus on signing up with most TD credit cards. With a cash-back card, this may be in the form of sign-up bonus or earning higher Cash Back Dollars for a limited period.
  • Help Pay Down Your Balance: When you're using your Cash Back Credit Card for everyday purchases, you can redeem Cash Back Dollars2 to help pay down your account balance, saving you money on a monthly basis.

How does a TD Cash Back Credit Card work?

The TD Cash Back Credit Card allows you to earn a percentage of money spent as Cash Back Dollars on each purchase you make. Different TD cash back cards come with different rates. Some of our cash back credit cards allow you to earn between 1%56 and 3%78 in Cash Back Dollars.

Your cash back dollars accumulate automatically and can be viewed on your monthly statement, through logging in to EasyWeb, through TD Mobile app or TDRewards.com. Once your Cash Back Dollar balance reaches $25 or more, you can redeem the full cash back dollar credit to your account balance at any time and the value will be instantly applied to your outstanding balance2. If you select ‘annual redemption’, your Cash Back Dollar credit will automatically be transferred to your account every January and will appear on your February monthly statement (provided your credit card account is in good standing). You can manage your redemption preference at TDRewards.com.

  • Pay monthly bills with your credit card

    Your recurring bill payments may earn you a higher Cash Back Dollar rate. So, use your TD cash back credit card to set-up recurring bill payments, such as:

    • Insurance premiums
    • Mobile phone bills
    • Online streaming subscription fees
    • Utility bills
  • Earn Cash Back Dollars on your purchases

    You can earn Cash Back Dollars on all eligible purchases charged to your credit card. That means cash back for things like:

    • Buying groceries
    • Getting gas
    • Shopping online
    • Ordering takeout
  • Put Cash Back Dollars towards your balance

    If you like to earn Cash Back Dollars on your purchases – and put those earned dollars towards your balance - then a TD Cash Back Credit Card might be perfect for you. By using your Cash Back Dollars to help pay down your credit card balance, you’ll end up saving money over time.

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