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TD Fraud Alerts for Credit Cards provide peace of mind for your Account

How it works:

If we have your current mobile phone number on file, you’ll now receive instant text messages notifying you if we detect suspicious activity on your personal or business TD Credit Card, or on any Additional Cardholder's card on your Account.

If you respond to the text with an N, your TD Credit Card will remain blocked and you will need to call us so that we can investigate the transaction and file a fraud report. If you respond to the text with a Y, we'll unblock your Card immediately, so you can continue to use it.


  • Convenient.
    Receive TD Fraud Alerts anytime, anywhere to your mobile phone alerting you about suspicious activity.
  • Be in control.
    If you receive a TD Fraud Alert, you can reply immediately by text message to confirm if you recognize the transaction and avoid the inconvenience of an unnecessarily blocked Card.
  • Safe:
    If we do not receive a response to the TD Fraud Alert your card will remain blocked and we will attempt to contact you by phone. You can respond to either the text message or the voice call.
  • Fast.
    Your Card or an Additional Cardholder's card is unblocked or blocked instantly.

Manage your Account Security

Please make sure your mobile phone number is up-to-date in your TD Customer Profile so that we can send you text messages in case of suspicious activity on your TD Credit Card Account. If you already have an updated Canadian mobile number on file with us and a Canadian address, you will automatically receive TD Fraud Alerts.

Not sure whether we have your current mobile number? Simply Log in to EasyWeb, call us, or visit a branch to update your profile.

TD will never ask you to reply to a TD Fraud Alert text message with any personal information or click on any links in your reply.

You can opt out any time

Simply reply “Stop” to the TD Fraud Alerts you receive. Note: To opt out of TD Fraud Alerts for your personal or business TD Credit Card Account, you must do so separately from any other TD products and services that also receive these alerts. Additional Cardholders on the Account cannot opt out of this service.

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