Banking and Line of Credit for Professional Students

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Are you a Professional or Graduate Student ?

Get flexible financing plus extra perks! If you are a MBA, Chiropractic, Law, Optometry, Pharmacy, Naturopathey, or Graduate Student studying at a Canadian Institution.

Our TD Student Line of Credit offers:

  • Optometry & Pharmacy Students ‑ Up to $175,0001
  • Law Students – Up to $150,0001
  • MBA Students – Up to $125,0001
  • Chiropractic Students ‑ Up to $100,0001
  • Naturopathic Students ‑ Up to $80,0001
  • Graduate Students ‑ Up to $80,0001

Benefits of a TD Student Line of Credit

  1. Access to credit during school, residency, or post-graduate training

  2. Minimum payments during school and up to 24 months after graduation and residency or post-graduate training

  3. Monthly payments after the minimum payment period

  4. No set-up or ongoing fees and no need to reapply for additional funds2

  5. Up to 20-year paydown once your program is complete

Our All-Inclusive Banking Plan chequing account

Get our All-Inclusive Banking Plan chequing account, which offers unlimited transactions and other premium banking benefits, and we’ll waive3 the monthly account fee while you're in school (including residency or specialization studies), a value of $360/year3.

When you apply

You’ll need to bring 2 pieces of identification:

  1. Proof of enrolment in a post-secondary program.

  2. Current address and previous address (if your current address is less than 3 years)

Proof of Enrollment

The document provided must have been issued by the school and contain the student name, the name of the University or College, program and year of study. Example: A letter on school letterhead signed or stamped by the school, or a copy of the tuition bill.

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