Banking and Line of Credit for Professional Students

Our TD Student Line of Credit offers:

  • Medical & Dental Students ‑ Up to $350,0001
  • Veterinary Students ‑ Up to $200,0001
  • Optometry & Pharmacy Students ‑ Up to $175,0001
  • Law Students – Up to $150,0001
  • MBA Students – Up to $125,0001
  • Chiropractic Students ‑ Up to $100,0001
  • Naturopathic Students ‑ Up to $80,0001
  • Graduate Students ‑ Up to $80,0001

Benefits of a TD Student Line of Credit

  • Access to credit during school, residency, or post-graduate training
  • Minimum payments during school and up to 24 months after graduation and residency or post-graduate training
  • Monthly payments after the minimum payment period
  • No set-up or ongoing fees and no need to reapply for additional funds2
  • Up to 20-year paydown once your program is complete

Our All-Inclusive Banking Plan chequing account

Get our All-Inclusive Banking Plan chequing account, which offers unlimited transactions and other premium banking benefits, and we’ll waive3 the monthly account fee while you're in school (including residency or specialization studies), a value of $360/year3.

Choose one of two premium TD credit cards


If you are approved for your Card choice, then as an All-Inclusive Banking Plan holder, the Annual Fee for your chosen Card will be waived4 (value of up to $99/year5).

You’ll also get a Welcome Bonus6 of 10,000 Aeroplan points after first purchase with your TD Aeroplan Visa Platinum* Card or a Welcome Bonus7 of 15,000 TD Points after first purchase with your TD Platinum Travel Visa Card!

When you apply

You’ll need to bring 2 pieces of identification:

  • Proof of enrolment in a post-secondary program.
  • Current address and previous address (if your current address is less than 3 years)

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