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To Our Communities

Corporate Responsibility Report

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Across Canada, a wide variety of local, regional, and national charitable organizations work tirelessly to address immediate and longer-term needs in their communities. By supporting these worthy causes, TDBFG is investing in the future and helping create better communities.

To ensure we can make a lasting, positive impact, our charitable giving philosophy places emphasis on three fundamental elements of a bright future – children’s health, children’s education and literacy, and the environment. TDBFG gives priority to children’s causes, particularly health and education, because the advancement of our society depends on our efforts to nurture and encourage today’s young people. Similarly, our environment is an essential foundation on which we can build healthy, enjoyable, and successful lives. We must address crucial environmental issues today by promoting initiatives to repair, preserve, and nurture our natural habitat.

We give back to our communities through cash donations, gifts-in-kind, charitable sponsorships, and especially TDBFG employees who demonstrate their community spirit year-round. We encourage staff to join us in our company-sponsored initiatives, as well as support causes they hold dearly – only a sample of which are detailed here.

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