Apply for Funding in Canada

Funding process and criteria (pdf)

TD is committed to supporting the communities in which we live and work. We focus on 3 funding areas:

  1. Education and Financial Literacy
  2. Creating Opportunities for Young People
  3. Environment

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Organizations must be Canadian and the donated funds must be applied in Canada
  2. Organizations must be registered charities with a charitable registration number
  3. Organizations must be able to provide a charitable tax-receipt for the full amount of donation
  4. Under exceptional circumstances, we will consider applications from not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises, or other community based organizations which do not have a charitable registration number if they can clearly demonstrate how they are aligned with TD's objectives and intend to make a meaningful impact in our funding focus areas.

TD Does Not Fund:

  1. Elementary and secondary public/separate schools
  2. Private schools
  3. Religious organizations
  4. Pageants
  5. Sports teams and sporting events
  6. Individuals or individual pursuits/fundraising initiatives
  7. Recreational groups (lodges, fraternal clubs, self-improvement organizations, etc)
  8. Conferences, trade shows, fairs
  9. Golf tournaments
  10. Production of videos, DVD's and television shows

Note: TD provides substantial support to United Way organizations across Canada. For this reason, we do not provide duplicate support to organizations that are United Way/Centraide member agencies.

If your organization’s mandate falls within our criteria, please complete and submit our online application form. It should take you 20-30 minutes to complete.

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