About This Report

This is our eighth annual corporate responsibility report and covers the financial year ending October 31st, 2009.

Our 2008 report asked the question “How are we making a difference?”, and described the many ways TD’s business and employees contribute to the economy, to the environment, and to our communities. For this 2009 report, our theme is Building on Our Commitments. This year TD demonstrated that no matter what the economic situation, we stand by our social and environmental commitments.

TD has a long heritage of community giving and corporate citizenship. Corporate Responsibility reporting has become more sophisticated in recent years with the introduction of the Global Reporting Index (GRI). We recognize that there is much to be learned about incorporating a triple-bottom line approach in all aspects of our business, one that integrates environmental and social governance through all our activities. In this report, we show our progress so far, what we learned this year, and our priorities for 2010.

The main audience for this report is our customers and clients, employees, and members of the sustainability community.

How we decide on what to report
TD is a large organization involved in many initiatives and events. To include all of our activities would be an overwhelming process and produce a rather cumbersome report. We want to talk about our compelling story for 2009 – the aspects of our business and activities that are important to us and to our stakeholders. By taking this approach, there are some worthy stories that won’t get told, but we hope this report highlights how our values drive our actions.

This is our third year of using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Guidelines.

The GRI table shows the indicators we have used.

Report Credibility

We aim to provide balanced reporting of our performance on environmental, social and economic issues. This report has been written using the GRI standards of accuracy, completeness, reliability, clarity and materiality.

To ensure the quality, reliability and completeness of this report, more than 200 content providers, managers and executives across the organization reviewed all or relevant sections. The annual Corporate Responsibility Report and Public Accountability Statement is also reviewed by our internal compliance and legal department, and by the Corporate Governance Committee of the Board. We have not taken the extra step of formal independent assurance.

TD self-declares its corporate disclosure process to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Application Level C. The GRI table has been externally assured by the Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, which allows us to submit the report at a C+ level. (GRI checked).

This report also complements our Annual Report Shareholders and Management Proxy Circular, which provides information on TD’s financial performance. We do not have any restatements on information included in our 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report.