Increased funding in 2009

TD is one of Canada’s top corporate donors. Over the past five years, we have donated more than $150 million to not-for-profits across the country. In addition, our employees and customers raise a significant amount through donations and fundraising activities.

In Canada
TD corporate donations = $37 million
Employee donations and fundraising = $9.5+ million
Customer donations = $4.7 million
Total impact = $51.2+ million

Through our Volunteer Grant Program, employees who volunteer more than 40 hours a year to a registered charity can earn a $500 grant for the organization. Through this program, TD gave more than $336,000 to organizations in 2009, exceeding our goal of $300,000.

In Canada, we have three areas of focus for charitable giving:

  • Literacy and Education
  • Children’s Health
  • The Environment

In 2009, 49% of our community giving was applied to these three areas of focus. We are moving closer to our target of 50%.

% of Donations applied to Areas of Focus

% of Donations applied to Areas of Focus

We also commit a minimum of 10% of our community program to support diversity initiatives (13% in 2009).

2009 Community Giving in Canada

2009 Community Giving in Canada

  • Children's health
  • Education & Literacy
  • Environment
  • Arts & Culture
  • United Way
  • Civic & Community
  • Hospitals
  • Other