Literacy and Education

TD Waterhouse International is dedicated to making a difference and we find ways to contribute at many different levels. Financial literacy is one of our core CSR strategies, and we offer a number of volunteering initiatives to support this. We encourage all our employees to get involved and make use of their two days paid time off.

Right To Read

The Right to Read program focuses on bringing assistance to children in the most deprived areas of the country. Our employees across Leeds and Manchester have committed to participating in at least one school term to help children improve their reading and social skills. Employees dedicate an hour of their time every week to listen to children read. They provide feedback on a regular basis to the schools on the children’s progress.

Number Partners

Number Partners is an innovative scheme that promotes the enjoyment of math among children in primary schools. The program also aims to boost children’s confidence and provides access to additional adult role models. The learning takes place through a range of specially developed games, which are both fun and interactive.

Employees across Leeds and Manchester dedicate one hour per week with children playing specially designed board games with them to help generate discussions about numbers and boost their confidence. It is a great way to encourage children to learn about numbers in a fun environment and also assists them in enhancing their social skills. It is about listening to children, being enthusiastic about learning and being committed to really making a difference within our community.


At TD Waterhouse our employees have the opportunity to be a mentor to young people aged 14–18 years old. We work with Leeds and Manchester Mentoring to offer non-judgmental advice and support to those who are not yet achieving their full potential.

The mentoring program allows our employees to build and enhance their own skills, including interpersonal and communication skills, increased motivation and a sense of achievement and professional development. In turn, the mentees gain a positive role model, increased confidence and motivation, improved interpersonal and social skills and improved future prospects.

We are proud that in 2008 TD Waterhouse International was awarded the Company of the Year Award by Leeds Mentoring, Aimhigher and Education Leeds. This demonstrates our progress and commitment as a company to the mentoring project.

Culture Kids

In 2009 we piloted a new initiative called Culture Kids. Culture Kids is an innovative and exciting project organized by Leeds CARES and run in conjunction with the West Yorkshire Police. The aim is to tackle issues of race and culture at primary school age through an exciting program of fun events.

Some pupils have never encountered positive role models from people with different backgrounds to their own. It is essential for children to learn and understand the importance of differences and, by engaging them in a fun, learning environment, the initiative aims for the children to forget the visual differences, overcome prejudices and discover the things they have in common.

Falconbrook School in Battersea is located in a deprived area with approximately 30% of students requiring special educational support. TD Securities in London donated £10,000 to Falconbrook School, which was also matched by the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce. The funds helped to restock the school’s library.

TD Securities also donated funds to the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain for the Barney and Echo scheme. This program helps teachers and parents in addressing the important issues of bullying and vandalism, with the intent of helping young people make the most of their potential and become responsible citizens.