Building Operation

Improving efficiency and environmental performance

In 2009, we established a green building operations program. Key initiatives included:

  • Completion of 534 retail branch surveys as part of our asbestos management program, resulting in 123 abatement projects totalling more than $3 million;
  • Completion of our waste recycling program rollout at all retail and corporate locations in Canada;
  • Completion of the recycling initiative at the nine corporate buildings in our New Jersey campus and continued rollout at other locations;
  • Introduction of low-toxicity cleaning products in all our facilities and modification of our exterior maintenance practices to reduce environmental impact;
  • Initiation of a customer vehicle-idling pilot study; and
  • Development of green retail and corporate leases.

In 2010, we will continue our annual environmental building audit program. We will also continue to improve operational efficiency and will establish building operations performance metrics.

TD does not own or lease facilities in environmentally sensitive habitats, and we do not consider our principal products and services to produce any major impacts on biodiversity.