Energy Reduction

Saving energy saves money – it’s good business practice

In 2009 we spent approximately $15 million on initiatives directly aimed at reducing GHG emissions. Our energy reduction initiatives are focused on lowering electricity demand and reducing fossil fuel use in our business operations and vehicles. Electricity use is our second largest manageable operating expense.

Our energy reduction plan includes short-, medium- and long-term measures for reducing electricity and heating/cooling demand. We have just begun our energy efficiency program and already we have saved more than $2.8 million in operating costs within one year.

In 2009, we began large-scale implementation of energy-efficiency projects that can have a positive payback in less than one year.

Initiative Canada U.S. Status/ Next Steps
Temperature control (water heaters, programmable thermostats). checkmark checkmark Lowered temperature.
Lighting retrofits or conversion in branches. checkmark checkmark Quantification of 672 Canadian branches.
Weather stripping entry doors. checkmark
Control systems for lighting, fans. checkmark 250 stores have been completed.
Programmable thermostat installation/reprogramming. checkmark To be completed by December 31, 2009.
Timer/photocell control of exterior signage. checkmark 250 stores have been completed.
Integrated recycling programs. checkmark Nine corporate offices in New Jersey are participating in a pilot program.
Cleaning during daylight hours. checkmark Expanded to two buildings in Toronto, Ontario.
Optimized our lighting schedules and replaced incandescent lighting. checkmark checkmark
Programmable thermostats for electric baseboard heaters. checkmark 445 stores have been completed.
Enhanced ventilation of rooftop air-handling units. Currently under review.
LED lighting retrofit for lighting of TD logo (change incandescent lights to LEDs) in branches. checkmark
Network PC management software (PC power-down software). checkmark
Retro commissioning of controls system for corporate sites. checkmark Completed in our Creekside building in Mississauga, Ontario.
Reduce air conditioning demand by installing thermal ice storage systems. checkmark A pilot project in London, Ontario, to reduce air conditioning demand.
Initiate development of a green information technology strategy. We will include our green IT strategy in the 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report.
Initiate our green building design and operation program. Currently in pilot stage.