Our Carbon Footprint

Reducing our operational footprint

We measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from all of our North American corporate and retail facilities, from our fleet and from business travel. This is the third year that we have conducted a GHG inventory, which is based on 2008 data. The greenhouse gas inventory is prepared by a third party, the Pembina Institute, in order to ensure objectivity.

As a result of our growth and the acquisition of new corporate and retail real estate, plus the installation of new ATMs, our overall emissions increased slightly in 2008.

TD’s overall greenhouse gas intensities (tonnes per square foot) decreased due to our focus on operational footprint reduction initiatives.

Here are the key reasons why our emissions increased:

  • We opened 57 new branches in Canada and the U.S., which increased our retail floor space by over 36,000 square metres (over 400,000 square feet).
  • Our corporate floor area also increased by more than 22,000 square metres (more than 245,000 square feet).
  • We extended branch and store hours by 15%, the equivalent of opening over 190 new branches.
  • We installed 48 new ATMs in Canada.
  • We included travel data from the U.S. that was not previously available.
  • We have improved our data collection methods.