Financial Services

GRI Ref. #Standard Disclosures Location/Notes
DMAManagement approach, goals and performance, policies, contextual informationpartially includedGreen Building Design
Conduct and Ethics
FS1Policies with specific environmental and social components applied to business linesincludedSustainable Investing
Employee Well Being
Supply Chain Management
FS2Procedures for assessing and screening environmental and social risksincludedResponsible Financing and Lending
Responsible Investing
FS3Processes for monitoring client’s implementation of and compliance with environmental and social requirements included in agreements or transactionsincludedResponsible Financing and Lending
Responsible Investing
FS4Processes for improving employee competency to implement the environmental and social policies and proceduresincludedEmployee Participation
Diversity Leadership and Training
FS5Interactions with clients/investees/business partners regarding environmental and social risks and opportunitiesincludedEnvironmental Dialogue and Research
Our Key Stakeholders
FS7Monetary value of products and services designed to deliver a specific social benfit for each business line broken down by purposeincludedTD Helps
FS9Audits to assess implementation of environmental and social policies and risk assessment proceduresincludedConduct and Ethics
Reducing Our Operational Footprint
TD Diversity Inclusiveness Survey
FS13Access points in low-populated or economically disadvantaged areasincludedInclusive Banking
FS14Initiatives to improve access to financial servicesincludedServing Diverse Customers
Meeting Diverse Needs
Accessible Banking
Inclusive Banking
FS15Policies for the fair design and sale of financial products and servicesincludedProduct Responsibility
FS16Initiatives to enhance financial literacyincludedProduct Responsibility
Small Business Webinars
Education and Financial Literacy
Literacy and Education
DMA = Disclosure on Management Approach