Labour Practices

GRI Ref. # Standard Disclosures   Location/Notes
DMA Management approach, goals, performance, policies, contextual information included Employee
LA1 Workforce by employment type and region included Workforce Profile
Employee Charts and Graphs
LA2 Employee turnover partially included Workforce Profile
LA3 Benefits for full-time employees included Compensation and Benefits
Labour/Management Relations
LA4 Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements included Labour Codes and Human Rights
LA5 Minimum notice period regarding operational changes included Transitions
Occupational Health and Safety
LA6 Workforce represented in formal health and safety committees included Employee Well Being
LA7 Rates of injury, lost days, number of work-related fatalities partially included Employee Well Being
LA8 Programs for serious diseases included Employee Well Being
LA9 Health and safety topics covered in trade union agreements included Labour Codes and Human Rights
Training and Education
LA10 Training per year per employee included Performance and Development
Diversity Leadership and Training
LA11 Career and skill development programs included Performance and Development
Employee Well Being
LA12 Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews included Performance and Development
Diversity and Equal Opportunity
LA13 Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees by diversity indicators included Employee Diversity
Diversity Governance Diversity Charts and Graphs
DMA = Disclosure on Management Approach