Strategy and Profile

GRI Ref. #Standard Disclosures Location/Notes
Strategy and Analysis
1.1President and CEO’s statement about organization and its strategyincludedCEO’s Message
1.2Key impacts, risks and opportunities related to sustainabilityincludedOur Material Issues
Organizational Profile
2.1Name of organizationincludedAbout TD
2.2Primary brands, products and/or servicesincludedAbout TD
2.3Operational structureincludedAbout TD
AR p144-145
2.4Location of headquartersincludedAbout TD
2.5Countries of operationincludedScope and Boundaries
2.6Nature of ownership and legal formincludedScope and Boundaries
AR p145
2.7Markets servedincludedAbout TD
2009 Annual Report
2.8Scale of organizationincludedAbout TD
Workforce Profile
AR p89
2.9Significant changes during reporting periodincludedCEO’s Message
2.10Awards receivedincluded2009 Awards
Report Parameters
3.1Reporting PeriodincludedAbout This Report
3.2Date of most recent reportincludedAbout This Report
3.3Reporting cycleincludedAbout This Report
3.4Contact point on the reportincludedContact
3.5Process for defining report contentincludedAbout This Report
3.6Boundary of reportincludedScope and Boundaries
3.7Limitations on scope or boundary of reportincludedScope and Boundaries
3.8Basis for reporting on other entities  
3.9Data measurement techniquesincludedAbout This Report
3.10Explanation of any restatementsincludedAbout This Report
3.11Significant changes from previous reportincludedAbout This Report
3.12Table identifying GRI standard disclosures in the reportincludedGRI Index
3.13Policy and current practices with regard to seeking external assurance for the reportincludedAbout This Report
Governance, Commitments and Engagement
4.1Governance structureincludedAR p13-14
Corporate Governance
4.2Indicate whether Chair of highest governance body is also an executive officerincludedAR p13-14
4.3Independent and/or non-executive membersincludedPC p7-12
4.4Mechanisms for shareholders and employees to provide recommendations or direction to highest governance bodyincludedOur Key Stakeholders
4.6Processes for the highest governance body to ensure conflicts of interest are avoidedincludedPC p57
4.8Mission and values statements, codes of conduct and principlesincludedOur Values
Conduct and Ethics
4.9Processes for evaluating the highest governance body’s own performanceincludedAR p14
4.12Externally developed charters, principles or other initiatives to which the organization subscribes or endorsesincludedMemberships
Responsible Financing and Lending
4.13Significant memberships in associations and/or advocacy organizationsincludedMemberships
4.14List of stakeholders engaged by organizationincludedOur Key Stakeholders
4.15Basis for identification and selection of stakeholders to engageincludedOur Key Stakeholders
4.16Approaches to stakeholder engagementincludedOur Key Stakeholders
4.17Key topics and concerns raised through stakeholder engagement and the organization’s responsepartially includedOur Key Stakeholders
Customer Feedback
Employee Feedback