Our 2009 measures of TD’s performance in corporate responsibility

    Customer Experience Index
    Canada – TD Canada Trust27.026.123.5
    U.S. – TD Bank32.528.3-
    Number of substantiated breaches of customer privacy or loss of customer data (in Canada)52-

    GHG emissions1
    Canada – tonnes of CO2e-139,795127,657
    U.S. – tonnes of CO2e-107,797n/a
    Paper usage (average paper sheets used per employee)8,2098,3638,829
    Water usage (cubic metres)21,900,0001,884,8681,026,327
    Electronic waste recycled (tonnes)60.049.323.8
    1 Latest available data is 2008.
    2 Estimated amount for 2009. 2008 and 2007 figures are actual.
    [Note: 1 tonne = 1.1 tons. 1 cubic metre = 35.3 cubic feet.]

    Employee retention (%)
    Employee engagement
    TD Bank3.804.124.06
    TD excluding TD Bank4.244.214.15
    Average days of training per employee per year
    Workplace accident statistics in Canada2
    Minor injuries (# of incidents)3-235243
    Disabling injuries (# of incidents)4-8576
    1 Retention rates for Canada do not include TD General Insurance.
    2 Latest data available. 2009 data will be reported to the Canadian government in spring 2010.
    3 Injuries that are treated in the workplace, with no time lost beyond the day of the injury.
    4 Injuries that result in lost time in the workplace on any day following the injury. For each of the years shown, there were no workplace fatalities or disabling injuries that resulted in permanent loss of use of a body part or function.

    Women in senior management positions (%)-33.7829.55
    Women in middle management positions (%)-47.1747.37
    Overall (%)-66.1866.88
    Visible minorities
    Visible minorities in senior management positions (%)-8.107.20
    Visible minorities in middle management positions (%)-18.7318.03
    Overall (%)-25.9725.38
    Persons with disabilities – overall (%)-3.733.78
    Aboriginal Peoples – overall (%)-1.061.22
    1 Statistics are for each year as at December 31 and reflect the percentage of the workforce. Statistics for 2009 will be compiled and reported to the federal government by June 2010.

    % of five-year average pre-tax profits donated to charity (Imagine Canada target is 1%)
    % of donations/sponsorships given to focus areas (goal 50%)494544
    Dollars paid through employee volunteer grants (in thousands of dollars)336257223
    Dollars donated or raised by TD employees (in millions of dollars)9.46.8- 1
    % of net pre-tax income vs. U.S. average according to the Giving U.S.A. Foundation1.35 vs. 0.9- 2-
    % of TD Charitable Foundation giving in focus areas348--
    Financial literacy and education programs5,118--
    Corporate and employee contributions to United Way and United Way agencies (in millions)1.4--
    1 In 2008, we started to track employee contributions separately from customer donations. Hence, 2007 numbers do not provide a valuable comparison.
    2 TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank was established in 2009.
    3 In 2009, this figure represents our giving to two areas (Affordable Housing and Education and Financial Literacy). In 2010, we will be including the environment as an area of focus.