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Mayo Schmidt joined Viterra, a Saskatchewan-based agri-business, in 2000. Since then, he has engineered the transformation of Viterra from a regional grain-handling company to a global leader in agri-business. Today, following the company’s merger with Agricore United, Viterra is Canada’s largest publicly traded agri-business. It also has a leading agricultural presence in Australia, having acquired Australian Barley Board in 2009. Along the way, Viterra has turned to TD Securities as a lead financial adviser on transformative decisions that have helped it become the company it is today. “As we grow our business and find new and better ways to maximize agricultural production, we continue to look to our valued partners,” says Mayo Schmidt, president and CEO, Viterra. “We truly are a company that benefits from being in the right industry, with the right assets, at the right time. With the continued support of companies such as TD Securities, I’m confident we will be able to make the most of that position.”