• allies
    An ally is a person who helps build a more inclusive environment and works to find common ground with others.

    Automated teller machine.

    carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)
    Standard unit for measuring Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). Each GHG has a different global warming potential, and CO2e standardizes them for comparability purposes.

    carbon (or GHG) footprint
    The total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, event, organization, product or service expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

    When an individual, business, or organization whose efforts to eliminate their impact on the environment result in no net greenhouse gas emissions being contributed to the atmosphere. It does not mean that an organization produces zero GHG emissions, but rather, balances the amount of carbon released with the equivalent amount of reductions, and offsets.

    carbon offset
    A carbon offset is a compensatory measure paid by one party for a reduction in carbon emissions made by another party. Carbon offsets are measured in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2e). One carbon offset represents the reduction of one metric tonne of carbon dioxide or its equivalent in other greenhouse gases.

    certified paper
    Certified sources indicate that the paper product is from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is one example of a certification system. Under FSC certification, forests are certified against a set of strict environmental and social standards.

    equator principles
    The Equator Principles is a set of voluntary standards designed to help banks evaluate the social and environmental risks associated with financing large infrastructure projects, such as pipelines and mining.

    interest rate differential (IRD)
    IRD is the amount that would have been paid to the bank in interest, had the customer remained in the mortgage contract until the end of the term.

    learning Management System (LMS)
    The LMS is an online portal that allows employees to sign up for courses and other learning activities.

    LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED standards reduce a building’s environmental impact by considering: materials, building envelope, roofing, windows, glass, high efficiency HVACs, lighting, water usage, furnishings, equipment and appliances, and where viable, includes the reuse or recycling of construction materials.

    middle and other management
    The category of “middle and other management” as determined by the Canadian Federal government for employment equity reporting: “Middle and other managers receive instructions from senior managers and administer the organisation's policy and operations through subordinate managers or supervisors.” Refer to the HRSDC website for more information

    Group or individual that has a more or less direct interest in the life of an organization or is likely to be affected by the organization’s decisions.

    the TD Charitable Foundation (The Foundation) is the charitable giving arm of TD Bank in the U.S. The Foundation's mission is to serve the individuals, families and businesses in all the communities where TD Bank operates. The efforts of the Foundation are coordinated locally through TD Bank's community relations departments and are focused on the areas of affordable housing, education and financial literacy, and the environment.

    TD General Insurance
    TD General Insurance Company underwrites TD Insurance home and auto insurance products in Ontario.

    thin client
    Practice of hosting software on a central server, thereby reducing the power needed to run the application on the end-user’s computer.