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    An Extraordinary Workplace

    We strive to build a fair, diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects the communities we serve and that attracts and retains great people.


    • TD Bank employees

      Our employees are at the heart of making TD the Better Bank.

      That’s why we’re continually focused on making TD an extraordinary place to work.

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      In 2010 we spent over $74 million on learning and development to help employees advance their skills.

      TD University, our training centre in the U.S., was named one of the “Top 125 Training Organizations Across the Globe” by Training Magazine for the second year in a row.

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      Leading employee benefits is one of the reasons TD has been recognized as an employer of choice.

      Specific benefits differ across TD’s footprint, ranging from defined benefit pensions to employee banking and 401(k) retirement savings plans – in some regions we even have public transit discounts.

    • Photo of award presentation

      Group President and CEO Ed Clark presents Fee Wen Liu, Manager, Investor Relations with a Vision in Action award.

      Only 80 employees are nominated for TD’s highest award each year. Across our business, TD has more than 30 recognition programs to celebrate great employees.

    • Photo of diverse TD employees

      We are committed to fostering an inclusive, accessible environment where all employees feel valued, respected and supported in reaching their potential.

      That means constantly ensuring there are no systemic barriers or biases in our policies, processes and practices.

    • Photo of assistive technology lab

      TD’s three assistive technology labs play a key role in making sure employees with disabilities have the tools they need.

      At the lab, employee needs are assessed, equipment is tested and adapted, people train on new hardware and technology and developers learn about the specific needs of employees with disabilities.

    • TD employees volunteering

      To help employee achieve work/life balance, we provide back-up childcare, flexible work options, onsite health assessments and many other initiatives.

      We also offer time-off for volunteering and give donation grants to charities where employees volunteer.

    • Group of TD Bank employees

      How do we know if we’re on the right track to creating an extraordinary workplace?

      It’s simple: we ask our 81,000 employees.

      We continually track employee engagement through TD Pulse, our company-wide survey conducted twice a year and across our global operations.

      It’s one of the ways we listen and respond to employee input.

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