Green Buildings

  • Photo of a green branch opening

    We promote green building design in our new and existing facilities, based on LEED standards.

    • In 2010 TD Bank opened 11 new stores certified at LEED Silver (or higher) standard.
    • There are an additional 12 LEED Gold projects and 10 LEED Platinum projects planned for future development.
    • TD’s new green building design standard (for a 3,800 square foot store) will be 20% more energy-efficient and use 40% less water than our previous design. Some of the design features include:
      • Solar panels that are designed to produce 17% of the energy required;
      • Wood from sustainably managed forests;
      • Automatic light sensors;
      • Green cleaning products; and
      • Recycling of paper and non-paper items.
    • Our new call centre in Auburn, Maine, is LEED Gold certified and contains many green features. The site is easily accessible by public transportation and includes secure parking for bicycles. Plumbing fixtures have been designed to reduce water use by 33%. All paper, glass, metal, plastic, cardboard, fluorescent light bulbs and batteries used in the centre are recycled. Large windows and skylights provide abundant natural light, reducing the amount of energy used for lighting. The centre is entirely powered from green energy sources.
    • We are also retrofitting a number of our existing buildings according to the LEED existing building (LEED EB) standard.

    TD does not own or lease facilities in environmentally sensitive habitats, and we do not consider our principal products and services to produce any major impacts on biodiversity.

    • Image of building plans

      Our goal is to be an environmental leader.

      In 2010, TD became the first North American-based bank to become carbon-neutral.

      Our new stores will be built to green building design standards that will help maintain our commitment to ongoing carbon reduction.

    • Photo of a TD U.S. store with solar panels

      The design is 20% more energy efficient and uses 40% less water than our previous standard store design.

      Solar panels produce 17% of the energy required to run the store.

    • Photo of the TD call centre

      Auburn, Maine is the site of our new call centre, designed to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification.

      The centre is entirely powered from green energy sources.

    • Photo of solar panels and wind turbine

      All the electricity for our U.S. operations, including our ABM network, is supplied by renewable energy.

      This is equivalent to avoiding CO2 emissions of more than 33,000 cars per year.

    • Photo of TD Bank employees

      In 2010, TD was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a Green Power Leader.

      "By using green power, TD Bank is leading the way toward cleaner air and a healthier environment while helping advance the market for renewable energy," said Gina McCarthy, Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation at EPA.

    • A man planting in an urban garden

      TD is not only taking steps to demonstrate green stewardship in our operations; we also champion environmental preservation and protection in the community.

      Our employees are actively involved in community service projects focusing on environmental sustainability.

    • Photo of TD Green Team Leaders

      Our employees help drive our environmental passion. Through Green Teams, employees work to reduce waste and encourage green acts in the workplace.

      With over 60 Green Teams in Canada and programs launching in the U.S., this grassroots movement will help ensure that we’re as green as our logo.