Operational Footprint

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      We’re committed to continuous improvement to lower TD’s operational footprint through:

      • Reducing energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across TD’s business operations and fleet;
      • Developing green building design standards for our new and existing facilities;
      • Reducing paper waste, non-paper waste and e-waste; and
      • Greening our supply chain.

      Reducing our operational footprint while TD continues to grow through acquisition is a challenge. We are currently developing intensity-based environmental performance metrics that will measure our progress on a per-employee basis. This will provide a tool for managing our performance over time regardless of changes to the size of our business.

      See our targets and current performance in the following areas:

      We have completed the planning and design components of an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on ISO14001 standards that will allow us to track and report our activities. The full system will be implemented through an environmental management information system by the end of 2011.

    • TD's North American Environmental Footprint

        2010 2009 2008 2007
      Total Energy Use1
      Electricity (kWh)   586,079,202 577,439,867 -
      Heating and Cooling (GJ)   863,612 -
      Total GHG Emissions (tonnes CO2e)2
      Direct CO2e (GHG Scope 1)   45,716 blue symbol 48,539 26,901
      Indirect CO2e (GHG Scope 2)   180,494 blue symbol 184,406 79,195
      Other Indirect and Non-controlled (GHG Scope 3)   27,048 blue symbol 31,425 21,562
      Total CO2e   253,258 blue symbol 264,370 127,658
      GHG Intensity (per employee)
      Total CO2 (tonnes)   3.37 3.54 -
      Energy component - CO2 (tonnes)   3.01 3.12 -
      Travel component – CO2 (tonnes)   0.36 0.42 -
      Electricity (kWh)   7,788 7,729 -
      Waste Generation
      Paper Usage (Pages/employee)3 8,885 8,308 8,473 8,829
      E-Waste recycled (metric tons) 92.6 60.0 49.3  

      1 Latest data available at time of reporting is 2009. 2010 data will be posted in June 2011.
      2 2008 and 2009 results include Canadian and U.S. operations. 2007 results include Canadian operations.
      3 2009 and 2010 results include Canadian and U.S. operations and employee headcount. 2007 and 2008 results include Canadian operations and employee headcount.