About This Report

  • 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report and Highlights

    The 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report is designed to inform our stakeholders about TD’s environmental, social and economic performance. TD’s Public Accountability Statement is included in this report and meets our obligations under Canada’s Bank Act.


    The 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report is TD’s main vehicle for reporting on its performance with respect to sustainability. We also offer other sources of information:

    This report also complements our Annual Report to Shareholders and Management Proxy Circular, which provide information on TD’s financial performance and TD’s executive compensation and corporate governance, respectively.

    Report Scope

    This report presents the material issues and impacts of our activities during the fiscal year ending October 31, 2010 and provides a three-year performance trend where possible. Reports from previous years are available at the following address: www.td.com/corporateresponsibility

    The scope of this report encompasses all of TD’s wholly owned operations and activities which are organized around the following operating business segments: Canadian Personal and Commercial Banking, Wealth Management, U.S. Personal and Commercial Banking, and Wholesale Banking.

    Throughout this report, “TD” refers to TD Bank Group. “TD Bank” refers to TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank. All currency is in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted. All material restatements and significant changes from the previous report are described in the performance data footnotes.

    Reporting Standards

    This report has been prepared in accordance with the G3 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines including the GRI’s Financial Services Sector Supplement. These guidelines ensure the credibility and quality of sustainability reporting across all industries and sectors. To learn more about our GRI performance, please refer to the GRI index.

    Independent Assurance

    Selected performance indicators were independently assured by Ernst & Young LLP. Ernst & Young performed a limited assurance engagement for certain of TD's performance indicators and a reasonable assurance engagement for TD's greenhouse gas emissions schedule and carbon-offset schedule. Facts and figures over which Ernst & Young provided a limited level of assurance are identified with symbol red symbol and facts and figures over which Ernst & Young provided a reasonable level of assurance are identified with symbol blue symbol. The results of Ernst & Young's assurance engagements are documented in their assurance statement which can be found here.