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    • To fulfill our promise of a legendary customer experience we strive to exceed customers’ expectations in service and convenience. We find out what service and convenience means to our customers through regular polling, surveys, focus groups and mystery shops. We then work hard to go above and beyond in every customer contact, meeting and transaction.

      Customer Experience Index

      We evaluate our performance through our Customer Experience Index (CEI) in Canada and our Customer WOW! Index (CWI) in the U.S. These indices help us to set targets and drive improvement; the results have an impact on employee compensation. CEI and CWI measure our customers’ likelihood to recommend TD to their family, friends or colleagues. We also ask respondents to rate our performance in a number of areas, such as:

      • Showing we value our customers.
      • Listening carefully to understand our customers’ concerns and questions.
      • Providing prompt responses to requests.
      • Showing genuine interest in helping our customers.

      In 2010, we contacted over 600,000 customers to determine customer experience levels.

    • 2010 Results

      TD Canada Trust and TD Wealth Management employees delivered record levels of customer experience as measured by CEI.

      Our U.S. employees continued to provide customers with an exceptionally high level of service and made a rapid recovery following the integration of TD Banknorth and Commerce Bank in 2009. While the Customer WOW! Index results fell year-over-year from 2009, they were still considerably higher than pre-integration levels.

      Business 2010 Target 2009 2008 2011 Targets
      TD Canada Trust red symbol 30.6 28.9 27 26.1 33.0
      TD Bank red symbol 30.8 33.1 32.5 28.3 33.7
      TD Wealth Management 10.2 4.5 3.5 3.5 10.0
      TD Securities 80.3 n/a 79.7 72.9 n/a

      Customer Experience Index Results1

      Customer Experience Index Results

      1 The Net Promoter Score™ is the percentage of customers who are promoters less the percentage of customers who are detractors.

      Customer experience is measured through a third-party survey conducted throughout the year to measure how likely a customer is to recommend TD to a friend or colleague. The Customer Experience Index (CEI) is measured using a Net Promoter Score™ which is calculated based on the response to a question, such as: “Thinking about the entire experience you had during your most recent visit to the branch, how likely are you to recommend TD to a friend or colleague?”