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    • Measuring Employee Engagement

      We track employee engagement through TD Pulse, a company-wide internal survey conducted twice a year and open to every employee, including those on leave, in all countries of operation. The surveys are managed by an independent third-party, with a participation rate of 85% of our global workforce.

      In addition to the list of pre-set questions, we ask employees to tell us “two things TD could do to make this a better place to work.”

      In 2010 Employees Told Us: We Responded:
      They would like to be recognized for their years of service. We will begin introducing a new global service recognition program in 2011.
      They wanted online access to benefits. We automated benefits transactions and delivered additional online wellness tools and resources in November 2010.

      Through TD Pulse, employees give feedback on a range of topics about the organization, their team and their work environment. Managers are encouraged to solicit feedback from their team and develop specific action plans.

      In Canada, we recently introduced entry and exit surveys to better understand how employees rate their experience of joining TD or choosing to leave. Common feedback, issues or trends will be used to identify opportunities and guide future improvements to the employee experience.

      Additional Channels

      We also seek employee feedback through direct dialogue, formal surveys and other communications vehicles. These include employee meetings with executives, 360° feedback to managers, HR/employee meetings, town halls and cross-country road shows.

      Employees are encouraged to use the Employee Complaint Resolution Process to address any issues and concerns. Clearly defined and easily accessible through our intranet, the process ensures that the complaint is formally documented, received by the right people and handled quickly without fear of reprisal.

      For employees who may not be comfortable speaking directly with their manager or human resources, our TD Whistleblower Program is an alternate confidential communication channel. Employees can anonymously report any concerns regarding the integrity of TD accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters, as well as any concerns relating to ethical business or personal conduct, integrity and professionalism.

      Our Employee Ombuds Office offers employees a safe place to be heard, providing confidential, neutral, off-the-record assistance on work-related issues.

    • Employee Engagement Index12

      The Employee Engagement Index is calculated using the average response (on a scale of one to five) to three questions on employees’ feelings of accomplishment, pride in TD and their plans to be with TD in one year.

      Employee Engagement Index

        Fall 20101 Spring 2010 Fall 2009 Fall 2008
      TD (Global) red symbol 4.15 4.14 4.11 4.18

      1 The EEI survey uses a five-point scale ranging from 1:Strongly disagree to 5:Strongly agree.
      2 2010 excludes The South Financial Group as the data is not available and cannot

      The Employee Engagement Index score has increased 4 basis points, from 4.11 in Fall 2009 to 4.15 in Fall 2010. The experience of the Commerce Bank and TD Banknorth integration in 2009 was challenging for our U.S. employees. Over the last year there has been significant improvement in the results from TD Bank employees as we continue on our journey to be globally recognized as a Best Employer.

      Employee Ombudsman

      Our Employee Ombuds Office offers employees a safe place to be heard, providing confidential, neutral, off-the-record assistance on work-related issues.

      Employee Ombuds Office

      Number of calls received from employees seeking assistance

      Employee Ombuds Office

        2010 2009 2008
      Number of calls received from employees seeking assistance 1,2021 9702 1,0642

      1 Includes calls originating from the U.S. introduced during the fiscal year.
      2 Includes calls originating from Canada.

      Two key activities accounted for the increase in calls in 2010. We redesigned and relaunched the program. To maintain visibility of the Employee Ombuds Office, employees now see a reminder on TD’s internal employee websites at least semi-annually. Secondly, we introduced the Employee Ombuds program to the U.S. during the fiscal year.