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Material Topic: Data Privacy and Security

GRI 103: Management Approach 2016

103-1 Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary

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GRI Boundary Table
The trust of our customers lies at the core of our business. In the digital era, data security and privacy threats continue to evolve and escalate, making data security and privacy a material issue for both TD and our customers. Although TD has not experienced any material financial losses relating to technology failure, cyber attacks or security breaches, we remain vigilant. Any attack, breach, disruption or compromise, may lead TD to experience among other things, financial loss, a loss of customers or business opportunities, increased costs to maintain and update operational and security systems and infrastructure and reputational damage.

Accountability: Chief Risk Officer, Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Enterprise Risk Management Committee

103-2 Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary

ESG Report page 56-57
Information Security and Risk Management Policies
Cybersecurity Policy
Privacy Code
Ways we measure our approach: Continuity of service and systems, incident tracking and risk assessments, employee training, investment in technology.

103-3 Evaluation of the management approach

ESG Report page 56-57

GRI 418: Customer Privacy 2016

418-1 Substantiated complaints concerning breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer data

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada did not rule against the bank on any privacy complaints. In the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific, there were no regulatory privacy findings against the bank.