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Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that pools the money of many individual investors and uses it to buy securities such as stocks, bonds and/or short-term debt.

Benefits of Mutual Funds

Professional Management

Behind each mutual fund is a team of professionals who follow the market to determine the investments to buy and sell, so that you don't have to.


Mutual funds tend to invest in different types of securities, which can reduce the risk associated with investing in a single security.


Mutual funds can provide you access to a variety of different equity markets, geographies and asset classes.
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TD Comfort Portfolios

A collection of Mutual funds diversified across asset classes, sectors and geographies designed to help create more stable returns.

  • Professionally managed mutual funds, positioned to help maximize potential returns and manage market fluctuations, allowing you to invest with confidence.
  • These portfolios allow you to indirectly invest in a range of domestic and foreign securities in a more convenient and affordable way.
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TD Retirement Portfolios

A collection of TD Mutual Funds developed to manage risk, combining the high return potential of equities with stability of fixed income investments.

  • All-in-one, asset allocation portfolios aimed at increasing the longevity of your savings.
  • A globally diversified mix of investments actively managed by TD Asset Management Inc.
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TD Mutual Funds

TD Mutual Funds is a family of single fund solutions managed by TD Asset Management Inc..

  • Allow you to indirectly invest in stocks, bonds and/or short-term debt
  • You can buy and manage your TD Mutual Funds through EasyWeb, TD's digital banking platform
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