Borrow Better with a TD Line of Credit

A TD Personal Line of Credit gives you ongoing access to the cash you need. You can repay and reuse your credit again and again, with no need to reapply.

How can a Line of Credit meet your needs?

TD Personal Lines of Credit

TD has Lines of Credit to help achieve your borrowing goals, and you pay interest only on the funds you’re using.

Have the credit you need, when you need it

  • Available for: managing life’s sudden expenses, be they large or small
  • You can borrow: any amount up to your approved limit
  • Repayment: As you repay the money you’ve borrowed, that credit becomes available to you again

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A way to cover the ongoing costs of education

  • Available for: tuition, books, boarding and more
  • You can borrow: up to $80,000 for undergrads, and $325,000 for professional and graduate students
  • Repayment: Interest-only payments until 24 months after you leave school

Your home can be a powerful financial borrowing tool

  • Available for: paying off large expenses or renovating your home
  • You can borrow: up to 80% of your home value
  • Repayment: Minimum interest-only payments

Use your eligible investments as collateral

  • Available for: borrowing at a lower interest rate versus an unsecured line of credit
  • You can borrow: up to $200,000 or more, depending on your investments
  • Repayment: Pay just the interest that’s due, or more if you wish

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