Borrow better with a TD Personal Line of Credit

A TD Personal Line of Credit gives you access to the cash you need on an ongoing basis. You can pay and reuse your credit again and again, with no need to reapply.

Why apply for a Line of Credit?

Access $5,000 to $50,000 conveniently

Get funds through your TD Access Card1, EasyWeb, TD app, ATMs and cheques.

Use and reuse your credit

Once you repay any credit you’ve used, it’s there to be used again.2

Choose how much you repay

Pay just the interest you owe, or any larger amount up to the full balance.

Pay down high-interest debts

Your Line of Credit could save you the higher interest charges of credit cards.

Choose between two interest rate options

Competitive Variable Rate

Enjoy a competitive line of credit interest rate based on TD Prime Rate.

Fixed Rate Advantage Option

Protect yourself from rate increases. Set up regular payments with a fixed interest rate for all or part of your revolving balance.

At the end of your term, any remaining balance returns to the revolving portion of your Line of Credit.

Pay off high-interest bills or debt

Your Line of Credit could save you money, since your interest charges may be lower than the rates charged on your other obligations.

Make a purchase

With credit ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, you could have funds available for big-ticket items without the delay of applying for a loan each time.

Set up an e-Transfer

Your Line of Credit makes it easy to send money to people or businesses anywhere in Canada.

Write a cheque

You can write cheques on your Line of Credit in exactly the same way you do with your regular chequing account.

Borrow better with our calculators

Compare what you might be paying with a loan vs. a line of credit.

Find out your monthly payment and the date your loan will be fully paid off.

Get the confidence that comes with being on top of your finances.

Learn more about borrowing

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Check your score for free with the Verified. Me by Interac3 app. It won’t affect your credit score.

In case of the unexpected, get flexible protection for your line of credit obligations


1 Available when TD Canada Trust Line of Credit is programmed on your TD Access Card. Fees may apply for Interac® access and the use of other ATMs.

2 Subject to the terms of your Line of Credit Agreement or any applicable holds that may have been placed on the funds deposited.

3Interac is a registered trade-mark of Interac Corp. Used under licence.

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