How it works

When you open a TD Canada Trust TFSA, a High Interest TFSA Savings Account is automatically opened within the plan at the same time. This gives you the option of investing in the High Interest TFSA Savings Account, as well as TD GICs. You'll enjoy the benefits of tax-free growth on the money you hold within the plan.

Plan Highlights

  • Tax-free growth
    You don’t pay taxes on the investment income or growth earned in your TFSA.
  • Contribute up to $7,0001 a year
    Any unused contribution room is carried forward to the next year.
  • Tax-free withdrawals
    You don’t pay taxes on any withdrawals from your TFSA.
  • You can put back any amount you withdraw2
    You can re-contribute amounts withdrawn in the year or years after you withdraw them.

Resources to help you get started

A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a registered tax-advantaged savings account that can help you grow your money, tax-free.

Find out how much you can contribute to your TFSA account, annually, and review the rules on making TFSA withdrawals.

Find out how much you can save with a TFSA

Use our TFSA calculator to find out how your investments could grow tax-free compared to a taxable account.

Benefits of Banking With TD

  • Pre-authorized Transfer Service

    You can decide how much you want to save and how often. Learn more.

  • Simply Save Program

    Automatically help grow your savings every time you use your TD Access Card. Learn more.

  • TD App

    The TD app lets you bank and trade securely whenever you want. Learn more.

  • TD MySpend

    Paired with the TD app, TD MySpend keeps track of your monthly spending and can help improve spending habits. Learn more.

  • TD Mobile Deposit

    Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of depositing cheques as soon as you receive them. Learn more.

  • Online Statements

    Sign up for email notifications to let you know when your online statements are ready for viewing. Learn more.

Open my account

  • Apply online

    Fill out an online application if you already have a TD Canada Trust account.

  • Book an appointment

    Meet with a banking specialist in person at the branch closest to you.

  • Call us

    Our banking specialists are ready to answer your questions and can assist you in opening an account.

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