Borrow Better for everyday expenses

It’s not always easy to stay on top of your monthly cash flow. And if you spend more than you have on hand, you’ll be dealing with the high cost of avoidable service charges. With Overdraft Protection or a Line of Credit from TD, you can minimize the cost of short-term borrowing while keeping your focus on more important things. Talk to us to get your application started.

Why borrow for everyday expenses?

  1. A safety net for everyday transactions
    With Monthly Plan Overdraft Protection, you could avoid declined transactions, late bill payment charges or NSF fees for $5 per month1 plus 21% interest per year on overdrawn amount.

  2. Convenient Access
    Access your TD Personal Line of Credit through your TD Access Card2, EasyWeb Online banking, at the ATM, on the TD Mobile App and through cheques.

  3. Make a purchase
    Your TD Personal Line of Credit can be used for everyday purchases such as shopping in stores or for purchasing items for a renovation.

Smart ways to cover everyday expenses

Use and re-use credit3 with just one application.

  • Available for: responding immediately to expenses as they arise
  • You can borrow4: $5,000 to $50,000
  • Repayment: As you pay back what you’ve used, the credit becomes available to you again

Your home can be a powerful financial borrowing tool.

  • Available for: paying off large expenses or renovating your home
  • You can borrow: up to 80% of your home value6
  • Repayment: minimum interest-only payments

Avoid rejected payments and NSF charges.

  • Ideal to help cover occasional shortfalls in your chequing account
  • Fee: $5 per month or per use, depending on whether you choose Monthly or Pay As You Go Overdraft Protection, plus 21% interest per year on overdrawn amount
  • Overdraft limit available: up to $5,000

Use your eligible investments to secure a Line of Credit.

  • Available for: everyday expenses
  • You can borrow4: $5,000 to $200,000
  • Repayment: Choose how much you repay. Interest only payments or any amount up to the entire balance with no prepayment charge.

Personal Loan/Line of Credit Calculator

Use our Personal Loan and Line of Credit Payment Calculator to see what your payments could be.

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