Today's Mortgage Rates1

TD Special Mortgage Rates

Special Rate3
APR 4,5
3 Year Fixed Closed6
5 Year Fixed Closed6
5 Year Fixed Closed High-Ratio7
5 Year Variable Closed8

TD Mortgage Prime Rate
TD Mortgage Prime Rate is

With an online mortgage pre-approval, you're ready to let the house hunting begin.

Mortgage Pre-approval

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The Annual Percentage Rate reflects, in addition to interest, some or all of the fees that apply to your mortgage loan.
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A Mortgage Pre-Approval is a conditional confirmation that you are pre-approved for a specific amount. It is helpful in determining what dollar amount you have been pre-approved for before your start shopping for your home.

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A TD Home Equity FlexLine is a Line of Credit that is secured against equity you have in your home. It offers both revolving and fixed components.
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