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Legendary customer service, in good times and bad

Our goal is to deliver a legendary customer experience each and every day, from coast to coast to coast, on every single transaction and discussion.
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Our Approach

TD has long been synonymous with legendary service and convenience. It’s our strategic advantage. Over the years we have learned that a satisfied customer is likely to stay with us, to expand the use of our products and services and to refer TD to others. We also know that delivering a legendary customer experience drives shareholder value.

At TD we work hard to win and keep our customers’ loyalty by:

  • being there when they need us;
  • listening to their needs and developing appropriate solutions;
  • protecting their assets and their privacy;
  • giving them adequate product information; and
  • providing products, services and facilities to serve a diverse customer base.

And when, despite our best intentions, mistakes happen, we make every effort to recover with flair.