Financial Education

You’ll talk about driving responsibly.
But what about spending responsibly?

Money confidence starts with money conversations.

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Financial education
for new Canadians

New to Canada? This program introduces you to Canadian banking and credit in a series of seminars. TD funds the program and works in partnership with community-based organizations.

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Our commitment to financial education

Whether saving for school, sticking to a budget or planning for retirement, financial education can help give us all more confidence when it comes to our money goals. That’s why TD, a long-time supporter of financial education, is committed to helping people improve their money skills, no matter their level of financial know-how. In 2016 alone:

  • We were able to reach and support 441,000 people like you through sponsored financial education programs
  • We introduced a new suite of educational tools and resources created specifically for parents, teachers and youth
  • We released a report uncovering that almost 40% of Canadians have experienced income volatility, showing an increased need for financial education programs. Learn more about the survey results
  • TD Economics published a special research report, "Financial Literacy: Millennials are a wake-up call to build a strong foundation”

Learn more about the State of Financial Education in Canadian classrooms. View the Report.

Why is financial education important?

Financial decisions are becoming more complex. There are more choices available for saving, spending, borrowing and investing. Developing financial literacy skills can help you make those decisions with confidence. That’s why TD works with individuals, teachers and community groups to help raise financial literacy levels, with a focus on underserved communities. Our priority is education – through community outreach, consumer education, and the formation of the Financial Education Council.

“I’ve met so many people who’ve only discovered the importance of credit ratings and savings the hard way. Once I showed them how simple it was, the response I would always get was, ‘I wish I had learned this earlier’.”
– Lara Mahaffy, TD Financial Service Representative and “Your Money” volunteer, Vancouver, B.C.

Where TD volunteers teach money skills

Each year, thousands of TD volunteers spend their free time helping people understand how to manage money wisely. Not just in branches, but in the communities where we live and work. Find out more about these programs and organizations. Learn more.

Helping young people succeed in an ever-changing global economy is the goal of our hands-on education programs. Through funding and volunteer support, our sponsored programs focus on financial education, work readiness and entrepreneurship. In 2016, hundreds of youth were provided JA programming across the country, thanks to more than 1,000 of our employees who stepped up to the plate.

Since 2011, we’ve helped 6,200 adults grow their money-management skills, thanks to more than 300 TD employees who volunteered over 9,000 hours of teaching.

Aimed at introducing new Canadians to the Canadian banking system, this program has reached close to 400 newcomers since 2014. Through funding and volunteer support, we’ve piloted 22 workshops within the GTA before expanding the program to include ABC Life Literacy, which has since reached more than 3,200 learners across the country.

As a post-secondary student, being exposed to different forms of credit for the first time can be an added source of stress. Our Money Matters program was designed with post-secondary students’ needs in mind, now reaching more than 450 post-secondary students in universities across Canada. The program offers helpful tips and practical experience with budgeting and credit basics.

We believe people of all ages should have the ability to build up their financial confidence. With our Your Money workshops, our dedicated volunteers lead free in-class seminars for high school students and seniors on budgeting, saving, investing, credit and fraud prevention. Since 2015, we’ve had 1,100 participants in more than 40 Your Money workshops in collaboration with the Canadian Bankers Association.

Alongside the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Heath, a centre located in Ottawa that provides programs in support of the local Aboriginal community, TD has been piloting tailored and culturally relevant Money Matters programs since November 2015. To date, the program has been a great success, reaching more than 440 Indigenous learners, with plans to expand into more communities throughout 2018.

TD Financial Education Resources

Learn more about TD's commitment to financial education in our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report. Access online report.

Student Life

A rich set of money-management tips, resources and tools for new, returning and graduate students.

Financial Goal-setting

A goal-based learning resource centre, with tips, tools and videos to help you every step of the way.

Fraud Protection

Find out how to protect your financial information from online fraud with these helpful security tips.

Teach your kids about money

Find tips and resources you can use at home to help your children develop smart money skills.

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Investing during uncertain market conditions

Our know-how can help you make smart investment choices.

Additional resources supported by TD

In order to raise awareness of the importance of financial literacy and provide our customers with the information and resources they need to better manage their personal financial lives, TD supports a number of community initiatives and provides a range of helpful tools.

Programs and external resources