TD Conduct and Ethics Hotline

In 2021, the TD Whistleblower Policy was updated and renamed the TD Raising Conduct and Ethics Concerns Policy. In connection with this update, the TD Whistleblower Hotline has been rebranded as the TD Conduct and Ethics Hotline. The purpose and operation of the Hotline has not changed. As detailed below, the Hotline remains available as a confidential and anonymous reporting channel for any employee, director, third party worker, or member of the public to raise concerns to TD.


Our Commitment

As a responsible business enterprise and corporate citizen, TD Bank Group (TD) is committed to conducting its affairs to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, honesty, fairness and professionalism – in every respect, without exception, and at all times.

While reaching our business goals is critical to our success, equally important is the way we achieve them. Every employee and director of TD is expected and required to assess every business decision and every action on behalf of the organization in light of whether it is right, legal and fair. This applies at all levels of the organization, from major decisions made by the Board of Directors to day-to-day transactions. It also applies to all TD wholly-owned subsidiaries around the world.


What to Report

To help us deliver on this commitment TD's Conduct and Ethics Hotline provides a confidential and anonymous communication channel for anyone, both external or internal to TD, to submit concerns regarding ethical, legal or accounting matters without fear of repercussions; or to submit allegations of retaliation for having reported matters in good faith. TD's Conduct and Ethics Hotline is hosted by a third-party and independently managed within TD.


What not to Report

This reporting system does not replace the other methods that customers and other stakeholders have traditionally used to communicate with TD. Customers are encouraged to continue using our existing communication channels. For example, customers and clients are encouraged to first report matters to the manager of the business location at which the issue arose or the customer service area for the business segment and region. Nevertheless, if for any reason, you are not comfortable using any of these other reporting channels, or prefer to report your concern through this system, we do want to hear from you. Contact us with your complaint or concern.


How to Report

EthicsPoint is an independent, third party supplier that has been selected to provide this confidential and anonymous communication channel for submitting your reports. You may file a report by clicking "File a Report" or by calling 1-866-293-2365 (in North America). For more information, including how to call in a report from outside North America, please go to the EthicsPoint secure website.


You Are Protected

This reporting system is confidential and if you wish to remain anonymous you may do so, except that if you are calling from certain European countries, anonymous reporting of certain types of matters may be discouraged. But in any case, you should feel comfortable using it. TD employees and members of the public are protected against retaliation as a result of having made, in good faith, a complaint which the person reasonably believes to be valid, or as a result of such person having otherwise assisted in the investigation of a complaint.

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