Working together with Indigenous Peoples

TD is committed to continuing to grow our ongoing relationships with Indigenous Peoples. We know more work is needed on our part on the journey towards Truth and Reconciliation. We support initiatives that promote early learning, enhance financial education, support equitable health outcomes and celebrate Indigenous culture.

Through the TD Ready Commitment, we’re applying our business, people, and philanthropy toward helping open doors for a more inclusive tomorrow for all.

How we help support Indigenous communities

National Indigenous History Month

As a part of our fundamental values that guide our support for our customers, colleagues and communities, every June, we honour the culture and history of Indigenous Peoples. Through colleague-focused events in the Bank and various community initiatives supported by the TD Ready Commitment like Luminato and the SOCAN Foundation, we're helping bring people together to celebrate Indigenous Peoples' arts and culture.

Frontier College

Through the TD Ready Commitment, we're proud to support organizations like Future Generations Foundation. In 2023, we pledged support of $5 million over 5 years to further the foundation's mission to support programs focused on culture, language, the restoration of land-based traditional knowledge, education and employment.

Other initiatives we support

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Culture

  • The TD Gallery of Indigenous Art and reflects the diversity of experiences as part of our goal to help advance Truth and Reconciliation. (Image: Jordan Bennett)

  • We see music as a conversation-starter that helps bring communities together and foster belonging. That’s why we support music initiatives to help amplify the diverse voices.

Championing Indigenous communities

At TD, we recognize there is more work to be done on our collective journey towards Truth and Reconciliation. Learn about how TD is working across the Bank to help drive an inclusive future for customers and colleagues from the Indigenous community.

Explore more about the TD Ready Commitment

  • We are committed to supporting environmental initiatives to help people and economies thrive.

  • We support access to tools and programs that help people feel confident about their finances.

  • We are committed to supporting equitable health outcomes for all.

  • We are committed to helping people participate and feel included in their community.

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