Engaging Others

Through our employees and community-based environmental initiatives we drive environmental awareness and make a positive impact.


Our employees are our biggest environmental advocates. Not only do they spot opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint, they also raise awareness of TD’s environmental programs with customers.

Through our employee engagement strategy we create environment-focused programs for our employees including individual Green Team activities and TD Green Nation, an interactive site where employees pledge and record green acts to track their environmental impact.

  • TD Green Nation is a web-based employee engagement tool that allows employees to pledge and accomplish green acts in the workplace, at home or through volunteering in the community.
  • TD has a network of green employees that extends across our corporate offices and retail branches in Canada and the United States. Members of the network are committed to embedding the environment in their day-to-day – at work, at home and in the community.


Our community environmental initiatives support small and large organizations across North America and Europe and are focused on three key areas: environmental education and awareness, enhancing urban green spaces and biodiversity and protecting natural areas and restoring habitat. Here are highlights from 2016:


Established in 1990, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) is one of the biggest community environmental foundations in Canada. In 2016, TD FEF provided $9.3 million to community environmental projects and had a donor base of nearly 180,000 customers.


Through our Rooted In NYC initiative we:

  • became the first corporate environmental sponsor of the New York High Line
  • are working with community organizations to green over 120 neighbourhoods across five boroughs
  • are helping to increase each Philadelphia neighbourhood's tree canopy by 30 per cent and in 2016 gave away 3,000 trees to community members
  • are partnering with the Trust for Public Land to install green Fitness Zones in six Miami parks over three years.

North America

Through the TD Forests program, we worked with the Nature Conservancy of Canada and The Nature Conservancy in the U.S. over the past five years to protect over 60,000 acres of critical North American forest habitat in 25 properties.

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