We Take Care of Payment Processing So You Can Take Care of Your Customers.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in — if you’re a business owner, you’re probably crunched for time. Managing every last detail of your business can quickly distract you from the reason you started your business in the first place.

TD Merchant Solutions can help.

Here’s how we can help

You probably don’t have time to spend all day researching payment options for your business. The good news is that TD offers payment processing and a wide range of financial services options – all in one place - to help you meet all your payment processing and banking needs. We'll help you feel more confident with our trusted advice and more comfortable knowing we'll be there to support you if you need it. But which solution is right for your business?

Before we get started, let’s start with the basics.

It’s a term used to describe services that allow your business to accept debit card, credit card and digital wallet payments whether your customers want to make a payment in-person, online, or over the phone.

It’s no secret that the world of commerce is changing and increasingly shifting online. Today, most business-to-customer transactions in Canada are made using something other than cash. Because of this shift, it’s important to ensure you’re making things as easy as possible for your customers and not losing sales.

We're the only payment processor in Canada directly owned and operated by a major bank and we've been trusted by businesses since 1968. For business owners, TD Merchant Solutions can be a one-stop shop with trusted advice about debit and credit card payment processing options to meet your business needs. Consolidating your other financial services and payment processing needs with TD will allow you to spend time with customers and focus more on what you love.

Here’s how TD can help:

Get off to a good start

Connect with us live, call us or request that we call you: we have an experienced team of payment advisors available to help. Not only can we help you choose the right payment solution for your business, but we also can connect you with trusted TD advisors to answer other financial services questions you might have.

Customer service you can rely on

Our same-day on-site technical support is available 7 days a week in most major centres, and we’ll even take care of on-site installation1.

No hidden fees and easy-to-understand pricing

TD offers flat-rate per-transaction competitive pricing. And as a bank owned and operated payment provider, we are committed to ensuring your fees are easily understood, with no surprises.

We focus on data security so you can focus on your business

We’ll help you keep your payment card data safe with industry standard-compliant solutions. Our wide range of payment solutions for small businesses meet all PCI (Payment Card Industry) data security standards.

Managing cash flow can be time-consuming and stressful

When you’re a TD Merchant Solutions and TD Business Chequing Account customer, you don’t have to worry about transferring funds from one account to the next. Everything’s in one place. Plus, you can receive your debit and credit card transaction deposits as of the same day and see your business’s bigger payment processing picture using our TD Merchant Insights tool.

TD Merchant Solutions 101

What payment methods can you accept with TD Merchant Solutions and how do they work?

By expanding your payment offerings, you can give your customers more ways to pay. With TD Merchant Solutions, your customers can pay:

In person
Using one of TD's Point of Sale (POS) solutions, like a TD POS device, you can get paid quickly and safely.

Using TD Online Mart allows you to accept payments online and over the phone. With TD Online Mart, you can get access to: virtual terminal, hosted checkout, custom checkout, recurring payments, batch payments, fraud protection tools, and online payment tokenization.

Over the phone
Using a web-based interface, businesses without a customer-facing website or mobile app can conveniently accept, manually enter, and process card payments over the phone with virtual terminal and TD Online Mart.

What kind of payment solutions are available?

There are 3 types of payment solutions available for merchants to accept payments in person.

Fully Integrated – This is the solution for businesses that want a seamless checkout experience for their customers and employees, like retailers with multiple check-out lanes. It integrates the point-of-sale system or cash register with payment acceptance and value-add services like inventory management, financial reporting, and gift and loyalty applications. Fully integrated solutions connect your POS system with the card reader to accept payments. The total purchase amount is pushed to the card reader for payment, so no rekeying is required, which helps minimize human error and saves time. Once a payment is approved, a combined receipt is available and includes the items purchased and payment details on one receipt. With this option, payment card data passes through the merchant's POS system so the POS system needs to be PCI compliant.

Semi-Integrated – If you want to keep payment card data separate from your POS system, then a semi-integrated solution may be an option. With this option, your POS system is connected to the card reader, like the fully integrated option, so the total purchase amount is pushed to the card reader for payment, no rekeying required. The difference is that it routes the payment authorization and settlement data directly from the card reader to the payment processer, removing PCI payment card data from entering the Merchant's POS system.

Non-Integrated or standalone – This solution may be the best fit for business owners who want a simple solution or like to do it themselves. With this option, the POS system or cash register is not connected to the card reader so employees need to ring up customers at the POS and then manually enter the sale amount into the card reader. It is easy to implement but increases the chance of human error, and creates a longer, less efficient check-out experience.

Which credit cards and payment methods can my customers use?

Accept all major types of card payments with TD!

TD accepts all major types of card payments including: Visa*, Mastercard®, Discover®, American Express®, UnionPayTM, and Interac® as well as mobile wallets including Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, Alipay® and WeChat Pay™.

What about fraudulent payments?

Use TD Online Mart's suite of fraud tools.

The security of a customer’s personal data is paramount for a small business. While it’s impossible to eliminate fraud, TD offers resources and advice that help you spot suspicious transactions and fraudulent behaviour at your checkout.

Through TD Online Mart, we help businesses understand how they can help protect their business. We also help them learn about fraud prevention and reducing chargebacks.

If you are processing transaction in-store, we offer tips and advice that can help you avoid fraudulent payments.

Are there other ways TD can support my small business?

Yes. Many.

Unlike most payment processors, TD can be a one-stop shop for all your business banking needs. Here are some of our additional offerings that help you manage your business.

*TD Canada Trust has ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction with Small Business Banking.

Legal: For JD Power 2022 award information, visit jdpower.com/awards

Whatever your business banking needs, TD can provide advice and services to help you along the way.

How do I get set up?

Our experienced team will help you choose the most effective solution for your business, and we’ll even take care of the on-site installation. Just follow a few simple steps.

  1. Book an appointment
  2. Meet with a TD Merchant Solutions Business Development Specialist
  3. Apply
  4. And if approved, setup your installation visit

Just click, call, or have TD call you back and we’ll help you choose the right payment solution for you. Whether it’s an in-person visit to set up your merchant terminal or a digital setup to get you sorted on TD Online Mart, TD is here to get you up and running.

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1. On-site service available seven days a week (except Christmas Day) in most major centres if TD Merchant Solutions receives the telephone call for assistance by 4:00 p.m. on weekdays, or 2:00 p.m. on weekends (all times local to Merchant). On-site installation does not apply to TD Mobile Pay and TD Online Mart solutions.