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If you like the idea of a low-cost solution, consider D-series funds. This low-cost fund series can help you put more of your money towards investments. Created with cost-conscious self-directed investors in mind, D-series are designed to offer discounted access to professional money management as well as low-fee access to a variety of asset classes, industry sectors and geographic regions.

Key Highlights

  • Lower management fees

    Many D Series funds have equivalent A Series and are similar in nature but designed for self-directed investors for a lower fee.

  • No switching costs

    There are no fees or charges to switch from A series or another series to equivalent D-Series of the same fund.

  • Broad selection of funds

    With D-series, you can invest in a variety of asset classes and industry sectors. To get started, open an account.

D-Series Fund vs. Index Fund vs. A-Series Fund

Compare different fund classes to find the one that's right for you.

D-Series Fund

Index Fund

A-Series Fund


Similar to A-series funds but designed for self-directed investors at a lower fee.

Track the performance of market indices and offer broad diversification.

Actively managed funds, most common for advised clients.

Minimum Investment

As little as $100

As little as $500

$500 or less

Management Fees

D-Series MER: Ranges from 0.22% - 1.75%

Index fund MER: from 0.35% onwards

A-Series Fund MER: from 0.35% onwards


You can hold D-Series in non-registered and registered plan with the exception of certain D-Series that do not qualify.

You can hold index funds in non-registered and registered accounts, with the exception of certain funds that do not qualify.

You can hold A-Series funds in non-registered and registered accounts, with the exception of certain funds that do not qualify.

D-Series FAQs

D-series funds are available to anyone who has an account with TD Direct Investing1.

The investment objectives, strategies, holdings and management of the funds are the same. The only difference is the lower management fee. This is due to the lower trailer fee on D-series mutual funds.

While this is not guaranteed, the lower management fee may result in D-series delivering a slightly better return when compared to other series of the same fund.

Performance data becomes available one month after the launch of the fund. For complete historical performance, refer to the Investor Series fund equivalent.

No. D-series funds can only be held in a self-directed account. To transfer a D-series holding outside of a self-directed account, it will first need to be switched to another series of the same fund, such as Investor Series, before issuing the ‘in-kind’ transfer. Please contact the brokerage you wish to transfer to, in order to confirm their policies.

Yes, as long as the other brokerage will accept the transfer. We recommend you contact the other brokerage to confirm their policies before initiating the transfer. Standard transfer-out fees may apply.

Minimum investment amounts for the initial purchase, subsequent purchases and systematic purchase plan minimums, may vary depending on the fund and series. Please refer to the simplified prospectus or Fund Facts document for each D-series fund to confirm the minimum investment amounts.

No, unit holders will not be automatically converted from other series of the same fund to D-series. Self-directed clients are responsible for making their own investment decisions.

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