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An easy way to get your kids started with banking

The TD Student Chequing Account is the account for today's younger generation, supporting great banking benefits and no monthly fees. They’ll earn interest on every dollar, so their savings could grow while they sleep.

Why we think you’ll love this bank account for your child

  • Help your child save

    They’ll earn interest on every dollar to help encourage saving and build good financial habits.

  • View their spending & saving

    Open a joint account to have full access to your child’s account when you login to EasyWeb, the TD app2, or TD MySpend3.

  • Transfer money easily to your child

    Use account transfers and Interac e-Transfer®4 to add money to your child’s account and help them start saving.

  • Secure online banking

    You're protected with our Online & Mobile Security Guarantee. Use TD Fraud Alerts5 to be notified by text of questionable activity on the account.

Banking made fun

Teaching kids about banking and saving can be a blast! Introduce your child to the idea of setting saving goals that are exciting. Discover the magic of watching their piggy bank grow and learn how to set (and smash!) savings goals.

Watch young Bradley's enthusiastic parents take the first step of creating a bank account in this video and help him to start budgeting for things he hopes to buy.

Start planning for your child’s future

Learn more about Saving vs. Investing your money at our Personal Investing Learning Centre.

Start the savings conversation today

Saving isn't just about putting away coins - it's a secret superpower! With a savings account, your child can:

  • Become a money master! Learn the difference between "gotta-have-it" toys and smart saving goals, like that epic bike or dream vacation.
  • Turn wishes into reality! Set mini-saving challenges and watch their piggy bank overflow with magic - every penny counts!
  • Make choices like a champion! Understand how saving for bigger things means saying "no" to smaller ones. It's all part of being a responsible grown-up!

Consider this option

Open a TD Every Day Savings Account for your child to grow your savings with interest earned on every dollar. Our automated savings tools such as Pre-authorized Transfer Service or Simply Save Program make it easier to save for your child's financial goals.

  • Our most popular savings account
  • Ideal if you’re starting to save or want frequent access to your money
  • Every dollar in your account earns interest, calculated daily

Investing in your child's financial success

As a parent, you want the best for your child. Start building your savings for your child’s future with investments that are meaningful to you and set them on the path to achieve financial independence.

Educating your child and investing for your children from a young age can help boost their financial future. TD can provide guidance to help you grow what you have, wherever you're at in your journey.

RESP for a child's education

TD offers several RESP options designed to meet your specific needs. Book an appointment with one of our banking specialists to give a child's future a head start and take advantage of available government grants!

  • With an RESP, you can help plan for the cost of a child's education including tuition, books, transportation and rent
  • Earn Government Grants: Each child may be eligible to receive up to a lifetime maximum amount of $7200 in Government Grants and up to $2000 in Bonds
  • Flexibility to choose between individual or family RESP plans where Family plans allow sharing of grant money* (limitations and eligibility requirements apply)
  • Grow your savings stress-free: Set up an automated savings plan to make it easy and part of your routine to grow your savings for a child's education

Take the first step towards saving for your goals with TD Goal Builder

Having a goal is just the beginning. Reaching it takes an understanding of what you need to do to get there. TD Goal Builder can help you do just that.

Raising financially responsible kids? We've got your back!

Helping your kids learn good money values is part of being a parent. Check out our helpful articles and resources.

Frequently asked questions

When you open a TD Student Chequing Account, you earn interest on every dollar which can help your child grow their money.

You can help boost your child's saving by also opening a TD savings account for them and setting up an automated savings plan, such as the Simply Save Program.

You can open a TD Student Chequing Account for your child at any age. They can keep this account with no monthly fee until age 23. Choosing your child’s first bank account is a step towards starting their financial journey to help them build a financial foundation for their future.

There are no hidden fees for your child’s day-to-day banking needs.

The TD Student Chequing Account has no monthly fee, and includes unlimited transactions, and no transfer fee to send or request money using Interac e-Transfer®.

Your child can keep this account with no monthly fee until age 23.

Find all the fees and details here without any hidden surprises: About our accounts and related services (PDF) and List of Services & Fees (PDF).

Your child can keep the TD Student Chequing Account and pay no monthly fee until the age of 23. Once they turn 23, your child can continue to keep this account with proof of enrollment in full-time post-secondary education.

If you don’t provide proof of enrollment, the account will automatically convert to a fee-based TD chequing account that can still meet their evolving banking needs.

The way your child's account is set up determines your ability to access their account and make transactions.

If the account is a Joint Account, then you can withdraw money. In a joint account, both you and your child have equal access to the money in the account, regardless of who deposited the money. You can access the account with your own TD Access Card, and view the account activities through EasyWeb or the TD app. 

If your child is 12+ years old and the bank account is in their name only (Single Account), you cannot withdraw money.

As a joint account holder with your child, you have full access to your child's account. You can see their account details when you log into EasyWeb or the TD app using your TD Access Card, and track their spending and savings as they grow.

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