Want to take your options knowledge to the next level? Join us for our fifth annual Options Education Month to sharpen your skills. Harness the knowledge and insights of our experienced instructors and guest speakers in interactive events. Whether you're new to options or a seasoned trader, we're here to help you take your options trading to the next level.

Learn about options from industry pros. Join in live to ask questions – or watch a recording on your own schedule.

Veteran options trader Sarah Potter shares top tips for beginners

Thursday June 6 @ 11am ET

Interested in trading options but worried about costly mistakes? Learn the common pitfalls to avoid! Professional options trader Sarah Potter shares some of her biggest rookie trading mistakes – and what beginners can do to help avoid them.


Two beginner options strategies to help enhance your portfolio growth

Thursday June 13 @ 11am ET

Even beginners can benefit from options trading! Tracy Ma from Financial Nirvana Mama shares basic options strategies that help her generate additional income and buy stocks at what she believes are discounted prices.


How this high net worth options trader spots glitches in the market and profits from them

Thursday June 20 @ 1pm ET

David Hale went from a life of luxury in his mid-twenties to penniless on his father's couch – but managed to recover again. Along the way he discovered market "glitches" that can offer potential benefits. Learn how to spot and craft options trades around them – plus other helpful tips to keep you on track.


Learn how to build a solid trading plan from a pro

Thursday June 27 @ 11am ET

Options trading can offer the potential for significant gains – but also significant losses if a trader isn't careful. Pro options trader and author Dan Passarelli from Market Taker Mentoring shares tips for managing an options trade to help limit risk and cut losses – from preparing a trading plan to rolling options positions, and more.


Whether you're new to options or a seasoned investor, our team of options instructors can help you step up your game. Join our daily interactive workshops to ask your questions live, learn new strategies and build your options trading confidence. Learn more here

Getting started with options trading


New to options trading? Build a solid foundation and build your confidence. Discover the ins and outs of the types of option contracts, factors to consider, and mistakes to avoid – plus we'll answer your burning questions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the benefits of options trading
  • Learn to interpret options chains and learn key terminology.
  • Gain the knowledge to confidently execute your first options trade

Option strategies for different markets


Once you're comfortable with the basics, we'll help broaden your approach. Discover the option Greeks, directional strategies and more to take your options knowledge to the next level.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how market factors influence option prices.
  • Develop strategies tailored to your risk tolerance and market outlook.
  • Learn to effectively manage your options positions.

Getting strategic with multi-legs


Go in-depth on multi-leg strategies and position management. Our seasoned instructors explain how to strategize with volatility, ways to assess risk and help become capital efficient plus more.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to trade options without a directional bias
  • Learn how to combine multiple options to help manage risk
  • Navigate option assignment and exercise, and adapt to changing market conditions

Trade Like a Pro: Options Workshop with Sarah Potter

Tap into the knowledge of a seasoned options trader! Join options veteran Sarah Potter, Managing Director, TD Active Trader, to uncover practical strategies, insights, and learn from Sarah's firsthand experiences. Sarah is the author of the internationally published book, How You Can Trade Like A Pro, and her work has been featured on CNBC, BNN, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and more.

Sharpen your options trading with technical analysis

Tuesday, June 11th @ 6PM ET

Sarah Potter reveals her secrets to setting up charts, analyzing market trends, and leveraging news reports to develop options strategies. Discover how to build a strong foundation for your trades.


Crafting your options strategy

Tuesday, June 18th @ 6PM ET

Feeling overwhelmed by the vast world of options? Sarah Potter guides you through the process building evidence for your options trades. Learn to craft trades and design a trade plan that aligns with your risk tolerance. 


Trade management: navigate winning and losing positions

Tuesday, June 25th @ 6PM ET

Learn how to navigate your open trades like a pro. Sarah Potter shares techniques for reviewing positions, making timely adjustments, and setting targets – whether your trades are thriving or need a course correction.


Ask Me Anything: LIVE Q&A with Sarah Potter!

Friday, June 28th, 2024 @ 2PM ET

Tap into the wisdom of experienced trader Sarah Potter. Get answers to all your burning options questions. This is your chance to learn directly from an options veteran!.


Start learning today: browse our easy to follow video lessons and courses on options  – available on demand on both YouTube and WebBroker (login required).

Intro to options

Watch in WebBroker or YouTube 

New to options trading? Start here to build your confidence! This course will guide you through common options terms, selling calls and puts, reading options chains and more.

Things to know when trading options

Watch in WebBroker or YouTube

Considering your next options trade? Discover how options pricing works, exercising options, and three common concepts: speculation, income and hedging.

Basic option strategies

Watch in WebBroker or YouTube 

Learn how to strategize options and seize market opportunities. We'll help you get comfortable with two-legged option strategies including covered calls, vertical spreads and calendar spreads.

Managing Options Positions

Watch in WebBroker or YouTube 

Take control of your options trading. Learn strategies for managing your options positions and help minimize risk.

Getting Started with TD Active Trader

Watch in YouTube 

TD Active Trader is our brand new next generation trading platform. Developed specifically to support sophisticated options and equity traders. In this video course we show you how to use the many powerful capabilities the platform offers.

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