Welcome to Investor Education Month 2023

Want to build your investing confidence? Join us for our fifth annual Investor Education Month and seize the opportunity. Whether you're learning the basics or honing advanced strategies, we've got something for every type of investor.

Immerse yourself in interactive, live events with a specially curated agenda of speakers – or learn at your own pace with our rich library of videos and articles. There's a reason we've been named Canada's best online brokerage for investor resources.1 Join Investor Education Month throughout the month of October, learn for free and see for yourself. 

  • Want to refine an investing or trading skill? Join our interactive workshops and get on-the-spot answers to your questions from our experienced instructors.

  • Get investing and trading insights from industry pros and DIY finfluencers. Join in live to take advantage of our Q and A segment or watch recordings on your schedule.

  • Start your learning journey today with our curated list of video content, on-demand and ready  when you are.

  • Explore our library of educational articles for insights, perspectives and inspiration to help you invest with confidence.

Learn from our experienced instructors in online, interactive workshops. Get answers to your questions live. 


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Kickstart your journey: Investing foundations

Ready to jump into the world of investing? Start here! Learn key investment principles, common account types and investments and how to build a portfolio that fits your personality and financial goals. Begin your journey with confidence.

Hone your skills: Investing strategies and techniques 

Grow your investing IQ.  Explore different investing strategies and techniques, such as fundamental stock research and technical trading, to help you uncover potential opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

Explore options trading: Amplify your potential

Step into the world of options trading. Grasp the basics of calls and puts, explore options strategies, and learn all about powerful options trading features. Whether you're new to options or making advanced moves, our options instructors can help you step up your game.

Master our platforms: Optimize your trading experience

Discover how to navigate and customize our platforms to uncover and action your investing ideas. From robust trading tools to market data and research reports, unlock a full suite of resources to level up your game.

Get insights on trading and investing from industry guest speakers in our Inside Investing webinars. Join in live to ask questions in our Q and A.





How to make investing easier without a lot of time, effort, and money 


Adrian Bar from Canadian in a T-Shirt 

Enoch Omololu from Savvy New Canadians 

Michelle Hung from The Sassy Investor

Interested in investing but don't know where to start? Our panelists debunk investing myths and share accessible strategies to help simplify investing.

Thursday, October 5, 2023 @ 6:00 pm ET 


Why I believe it's always a good time to invest for the long term


Dan Bortolotti from PWL Capital

Is trying to time the market keeping you on the sidelines? Our guest, Dan Bortolotti, explains some of the benefits of consistently investing over the long term – regardless of market conditions.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 @ 11 am ET   


Three ways to build wealth with dividend investing


Adrian Starinieri from Passive Income Investing

Mark Seed, from My Own Advisor

Henry Mah from Your Ever Growing Income

Ready to delve into the world of dividend investing? Learn from our panelists as they share their unique approaches and best practices for building wealth through dividends.

Thursday, October 12, 2023 @ 6 pm ET    


How I find investing opportunities in a company's financial statements 


Peter Hodson, Founder, 5i Research 

Join our guest, Peter Hodson, for a deep dive into financial statements and their investment insights. Learn how to navigate these documents and identify potential opportunities

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 @ 11 am ET   


The top five investing lessons DIY investors have shared with me 


Tracey Bissett from Bissett Financial Fitness 

Discover the collective wisdom of DIY investors. Our guest, Tracey Bissett, shares key insights and lessons gathered from hundreds of interviews with fellow investors.

Thursday, October 19, 2023 @ 1 pm ET   


How to free up more money to invest in your RRSP 


Talbot Stevens from Financial Success Strategies 

Want to make the most of your RRSP? Our guest, Talbot Stevens, explains the RRSP tax refund and shares tax strategies that may help you increase your savings.

Thursday, October 26, 2023 @ 1 pm ET   


Watch our easy-to-follow lessons and courses on a wide range of topics – available on demand on both YouTube and WebBroker (login required).

Investing Basics:


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Intro to personal finance

If you're looking to save and invest for the future, sorting your finances is the first step. In this course, learn about personal budgets, expense tracking, credit and loans, and more.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube


Managing a Portfolio

Managing investments on your own? In this course, you'll learn the basics of portfolio management.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube

Account types: cash, margin

There are different account types available with TD Direct Investing. This course focuses on cash and margin accounts, and the ability to short sell. 

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube


Basic investing strategies 

Following a strategy when investing, or a combination of strategies, can help keep you from making emotional decisions and stay on course. In this video series, we introduce you to some basic investing strategies.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube


Account types: registered plans

How do you know which registered plans are right for your investing needs? In this course, we run through some of the options. Check out how they might support your unique investing goals.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube


Getting started with growth investing

Growth investing is a common approach for long-term investors. In this course, we explain how it works, some ways for investors to evaluate growth investments, and more.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube


Intro to fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is an approach to measuring the fair value of an investment. This course will discuss some of the metrics and techniques investors can use to evaluate publicly traded securities.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube


Value investing

In this course, we walk you through a series of lessons to help you understand the ins and outs of value investing. 

Watch now via WebBroker 


Intro to bonds

Interested in bonds? In this course, we cover key information to set you up on your bond journey.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube


Intro to GICs and other fixed-income securities

Interested in fixed-income securities? Right this way to GICs, money market products, and more.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube


Intro to income investing

In this course, we cover what to know about income investing to help you get started on your road to this investing strategy.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube


Your investing minute

Get up to date on a range of topics with bite-sized videos that pack a powerful punch.

Watch now via YouTube 

Getting Started with TD Direct Investing:


Watch Now


WebBroker essentials

Whether you're new to TD Direct Investing, new to online trading, or both, this course introduces you to what WebBroker has to offer. Learn how to customize your preferences, monitor your account, execute transactions and more.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube 


Investing with the TD app

Investing on-the-go is easier than ever with the TD app. In this video series, we walk you through all the features you need to start investing today.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube


Order entry essentials for stocks and ETFs

Ready to place a trade? In this course, we guide you through key things to know, such as how to read a stock quote, basic and advanced order types, and what happens after you place a trade.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube


Getting started with TD Easy Trade

You don't need to be an expert to start investing. TD Easy Trade makes it simple. Build your portfolio and keep tabs on your investments, all while building your investing knowledge on the go.

Watch now via YouTube

Advanced Techniques & Platforms:


Watch Now

Active trading: intro to technical analysis

Learn why and how traders use technical analysis – including charts, patterns, trends, and indicators – to help identify buy and sell signals. 

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube

Intro to options

Check out this course to learn why traders buy and sell calls and puts, how to read an option chain, common option terminology and more.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube

Things to know when trading options

In this course, we cover how option pricing works, the mechanics of exercise and assignment, and three common reasons to trade options: speculation, income, and hedging.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube

Basic option strategies

Check out this course to learn about two-legged option strategies including covered calls, vertical spreads, and calendar spreads.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube

Advanced Dashboard essentials

Learn the features and tools available in Advanced Dashboard and take your trading experience to the next level.

Watch now via WebBroker or YouTube

Explore our featured MoneyTalk DIY articles for insights and inspirations to help you invest with confidence.

  • 23 reasons we love investing

    Feeling discouraged about up and down markets? Discover why now might be a time when some investors explore opportunities like dollar-cost averaging and buying the dip.

  • Soft saving is changing Gen-Z’s take on finance. Here’s how

    Just buy the latte, right? This very Gen Z response to hustle culture is all about finding the balance between living in the moment even while saving and investing for the future.

  • Gut check: A guide to our investing urges

    When markets move, we may look for fast relief. But here are four times when our investing brains may not be working in our favour.

  • Investors are talking about Psychedelics. No, they aren't tripping.

    Healthcare companies are looking to use psychedelic drugs to help treat mental health disorders. Here's why investors are taking notice and what you may wish to know about this space.

  • A realist's guide to buying in a completely unreal housing market

    As mortgage rates rise, prospective first-time home buyers may be left wondering if there's any hope. One newly minted homeowner shares what she learned.

  • Crypto 101: 8 questions investors might be too embarrassed to ask

    Sometimes it feels like everyone you know is a cryptocurrency expert. We're here to say, it's OK to have questions about bitcoin, blockchain and all things crypto. Here are some answers.

  • Feeling anxious about money? You’re not alone

    We all worry about money at times. For some, that anxiety can lead to some pretty interesting behaviour. But is that normal behaviour? And what can you do about it? Here are four anxiety-driven behaviours to watch out for.

  • What is a recession? What investors should know to survive one

    Downturns can be scary for investors. Here's what any new investor should consider about investing during a recession.

  • Experienced investors share their rookie investing mistakes

    We asked some experienced investors to share their rookie investing mistakes so you don't make them on your investing journey.

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