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How you make money decisions is unique.

At TD Wealth, advisors use behavioral finance to understand what makes you act and react. The Wealth PersonalityTM assessment reveals your strengths and financial blind spots. Knowing this, advisors can help you make more informed decisions that reflect you and your vision for your future.

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More about the Wealth Personality™ assessment

The Wealth PersonalityTM assessment is a questionnaire based on decades of research and development into what drives decision-making. It shows how our personalities impact our financial decisions. Advisors use this information to tailor their advice, personalize techniques to help you overcome blind spots, and become more emotionally resilient to financial stress so that you stay on track to reach your financial goals.

Other reasons to try the Wealth PersonalityTM assessment:

  1. The results are confidential between you and your advisor.

  2. It’s complimentary when you work with a TD Wealth professional.

  3. It’s exclusive to TD Wealth customers.

Benefits of knowing your Wealth Personality™ profile

  • Become more resilient

    Your advisor can provide strategies to help you overcome the potential negative impacts of your blind spots.

  • Achieve your goals confidently

    Become more aware of your investing tendencies and gain confidence that you're on the right path to achieving your goals with an advisor who truly knows you.

  • Master your money decisions

    Your advisor can help identify how some money decisions may set you off course. They'll recommend ways to help overcome them so you can stay focused on your financial goals.

  • Get tailored advice

    Your advisor can tailor their advice to your unique needs, even as your goals change.

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Common financial blind spots

Even the savviest investors have financial blind spots. When you work with a TD Wealth professional, you'll learn what yours are. They'll share strategies to help you avoid making decisions that can negatively impact your investments.

These are some common blind spots.

  • Loss Aversion

    We feel the emotional impact of a loss twice as much when compared to the pleasure of experiencing a gain.

  • Short-term Focus

    We give our short-term goals more priority than our long-term ones.

  • Overconfidence

    We tend to overestimate our own investing abilities.

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