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Get the help you need on the road

With your TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card or optional TD Standard, Deluxe, or Business Auto Club membership1, help is just a phone call away in the event of a roadside emergency anywhere in Canada or the continental U.S. Call 1-800-265-1289 for 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.

TD Auto Club Membership for TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Cardholders


A TD Deluxe Auto Club membership is included at no additional cost with the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card – no sign up required. As a primary cardholder, you, your spouse, and any unmarried children under 22 years old who live in your household automatically have access to 24/7 roadside support. Benefits include unlimited dispatch calls for emergency roadside services such as breakdown towing, battery replacement, and tire changes. Reimbursement options are also available in the event of a traffic accident or stolen vehicle emergency to cover transportation and accommodation. 


Optional TD Auto Club Memberships

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  • Questions about TD Auto Club?


    from Monday to Friday, 8AM to 8PM EST

  • Questions about your TD Credit Card?

    7:00am – 12:00am EDT
    Or outside Canada & U.S.
    call collect 416-307-7722

  • Locate a Branch

    Speak with a banking specialist at the branch closest to you

Make small purchases with a wave of your Card!

  • Contactless payment is a fast, convenient and secure way to make small purchases directly with just a wave of your Card. TD Credit Cards with chip & PIN technology come equipped with this capability. Look for the contactless symbol on merchant point-of-sale terminals, just like the symbol you see on your Card.

How does contactless payment work?

TD Credit Cards with chip & PIN technology can wirelessly connect with a secure reader on a merchant's point-of-sale terminal. It’s simple and quick:

Depending on the terminal, either wave or tap your TD Credit Card in front of the device.

Payment information is securely transmitted in just a matter of seconds.

Wait for the beep and you’re done – all without ever letting your Card out of your hand!

For more information about making contactless payments or about the chip & PIN technology enabled on your TD Credit Card, please visit the Visa* website.

Chip & PIN Technology

  • Embedded microchip

    Embedded microchips store information in a secure, encrypted format.

  • Extra protection

    The microchip makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to copy or access the information on the Card.

  • PIN required

    The chip in the Card requires you to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to use the Card.

  • In the U.S.

    U.S. merchants continue to upgrade to chip & PIN-enabled terminals. If you are at a merchant where PINs are not yet accepted, you will sign your receipt.

How to use Chip & PIN

  • Chip & PIN technology is already in use worldwide and has been proven to help reduce fraud.
  • If you are making a purchase at a store without a chip-enabled terminal, you can still make purchases with your TD Credit Card using the magnetic strip. So if you are in a store that doesn't have a chip terminal, you can make transactions by signing a receipt.
  • Your TD Credit Card will also work outside Canada. You will be asked to sign a receipt in countries that do not have chip-enabled terminals. In countries with chip-enabled terminals, you will be asked to key in your PIN.
  • Only you should know your PIN. If a merchant asks you for your PIN do not provide it to them.
  • Additional Cardholders will receive their own TD Credit Card number with Chip & PIN technology and they will have their own unique PINs. Statements will show transactions broken out by which Card performed the transaction.

Reset my PIN

Simply use one of the relevant options below:

  • For TD Credit Cards excluding US Dollar Cards, your PIN can be reset at any TD Canada Trust Green Machine (ATM) or TD Canada Trust Branch, or call us at 1-800-983-8472 to have a new PIN mailed to you.
  • TD U.S. Dollar Visa* Cardholders only: Your PIN can only be changed/reset by calling our automated phone line (IVR) at 1-800-983-8472. You cannot change/reset your PIN at a TD Canada Trust Branch or TD Canada Trust Green Machine (ATM).

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TD Fraud Alerts for Credit Cards provide peace of mind for your Account

How it works:

If we have your current mobile phone number on file, you’ll now receive instant text messages notifying you if we detect suspicious activity on your personal or business TD Credit Card, or on any Additional Cardholder's card on your Account.

If you respond to the text with an N, your TD Credit Card will remain blocked and you will need to call us so that we can investigate the transaction and file a fraud report. If you respond to the text with a Y, we'll unblock your Card immediately, so you can continue to use it.


  • Convenient.
    Receive TD Fraud Alerts anytime, anywhere to your mobile phone alerting you about suspicious activity.
  • Be in control.
    If you receive a TD Fraud Alert, you can reply immediately by text message to confirm if you recognize the transaction and avoid the inconvenience of an unnecessarily blocked Card.
  • Safe:
    If we do not receive a response to the TD Fraud Alert your card will remain blocked and we will attempt to contact you by phone. You can respond to either the text message or the voice call.
  • Fast.
    Your Card or an Additional Cardholder's card is unblocked or blocked instantly.

Manage your Account Security

Please make sure your mobile phone number is up-to-date in your TD Customer Profile so that we can send you text messages in case of suspicious activity on your TD Credit Card Account. If you already have an updated Canadian mobile number on file with us and a Canadian address, you will automatically receive TD Fraud Alerts.

Not sure whether we have your current mobile number? Simply Log in to EasyWeb, call us, or visit a branch to update your profile.

TD will never ask you to reply to a TD Fraud Alert text message with any personal information or click on any links in your reply.

You can opt out any time

Simply reply “Stop” to the TD Fraud Alerts you receive. Note: To opt out of TD Fraud Alerts for your personal or business TD Credit Card Account, you must do so separately from any other TD products and services that also receive these alerts. Additional Cardholders on the Account cannot opt out of this service.

Update your customer profile

Manage Your Credit Card in the TD App

Set transaction limits, block international purchases or lock your credit card.

Lock or unlock your credit card in the TD app

Feel more confident if you misplace your credit card by locking your card in the TD app.

When locked, pre-authorized payments and ATM transactions will still go through, credit card payments will still be accepted, and you can make transfers.

If you think your card has been lost or stolen, lock it and call 1-800-983-8472 right away for a replacement. If you find your card, it’s just as easy to unlock it.

Block international in-person purchases

Not travelling? You can block international in-person purchases directly from the TD app.

When your credit card is blocked, in-person purchases outside of Canada like hotels and restaurants will be declined. Online and recurring payments will still be processed.

When you decide to travel, simply unblock your card to use it on your trip.

Stay in control with transaction limits

Now it's easier for you to give your partner, child or caregiver the ability to make day-to-day payments while you stay in control.

As the primary cardholder you can set transaction limits for each cardholder on your account, including yourself. While Additional Cardholders can't set transaction limits on their cards, they can view the limits set by you.

Transaction limits can be instantly enabled or disabled via the TD app. While you can set limits for in-person, online and digital wallet payments, you cannot set limits for pre-authorized payments, ATM transactions, transfers, bill payments, returns and reward redemptions.

Why Manage Your Credit Card in the TD App?

  1. Greater convenience
    Easily set transaction limits, lock your card or block in-person international purchases in the TD app. You don't even need to call in.

  2. Manage your account on the go
    View your statements and communications in the TD app.

  3. Increased control over spending
    Transaction limits give you the confidence that you or Additional Cardholders don’t spend over a pre-set amount.

  1. Change settings in an instant
    Since your credit card is managed in the TD app you can make changes on the go.
  2. Bank with Confidence
    Manage your credit card with confidence in the TD app if your card is misplaced or used internationally while you're not travelling.

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