6 ways to keep your credit card safe

At this time in your life, you’re probably signing up for your first Credit Card. You may be excited about all the online purchases you can make, but with the official title of Credit Cardholder comes much responsibility. If you are not vigilant about keeping your Credit Card safe, you might become the victim of identity theft. This means your Credit Card could be used without your permission, which could have an impact on your healthy credit score. So pay attention to these simple ways to keep your Credit Card safe.

1. Do a double take

When you’re at the register, you may be rushing to grab your stuff and go, but it only takes a few seconds to check your receipt and make sure you have not been overcharged or charged twice. It is easier to correct right at the cash register, than it is to deal with it later.

2. Don’t loan your card

Your Credit Card is not like a book you can lend someone. It is tied to your credit score, so while you might want to help your friend and let them use your card to buy those concert tickets, don’t do it.

3. Keep your eyes on your card

When it comes to your Credit Card, make sure you can see it at all times. So the next time you’re at a restaurant and your server wants to take your card with them, refuse. You can go with them to pay or they can bring a machine to the table.

4. Don’t share

Want to give your dorm mate your Credit Card number to pay for your half of the mini-fridge? Don’t text or email them your number. Those methods are not secure and you never know whose eyes could be viewing your personal information. Instead, go with your friend to make the purchase or pay them back later.

5. Check it out

When you get your Credit Card statement, don’t get into the habit of just glossing over the list of transactions and then only looking at your balance. Pay close attention. This is your chance to see if there are any suspicious charges that you did not make. If you catch some, call your Credit Card provider right away.

6. Shred it

Some people like to keep their paperwork. Your Credit Card statement is not one of those items you need to keep lying around. Once you’ve paid your monthly Credit Card bill and don’t have any questions about your charges‑you don’t need your statement anymore. So shred it.

Even better? Sign up for free online statements. You’ll get an email notification when your online statement is ready, and you can securely review your statements 24/7.